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5 Reasons To Pack Your Bags and Volunteer In Nepal | Authentic Volunteers

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Volunteering in Nepal is an amazing idea for those thinking of getting out of the comfort zone and to explore different culture. Nepal is a majestic country in southeast Asia recognized by the highest mountain in the world “Mt. Everest” and as the “Land of Temples.” If you have recently completed your high school/ university then volunteering in Nepal will be an excited idea to start your new chapter. Volunteering or traveling abroad have many benefits for studies and career. Let’s get into the 5 reasons to pack your bags and volunteer in Nepal.

  • Being out of the comfort zone.
    Let’s say you are from United States and planning to volunteer in Nepal. After your plane land in Kathmandu airport, you starts seeing Nepalese people which you might have barely seen in United States. Many thoughts going in your mind and little bit worried if someone gonna harm you or you getting lost. You start to realize the feeling being out of comfort zone and you try make yourself strong & keep repeating everything gonna be fine. This is an experience we mostly don’t get when we are at home which block us to understand our full potential.
    Note: Nepalese people are the kindest and helpful citizen!
  • Culture exchange
    Volunteering in Nepal you will get an opportunity to emerge into Hindu culture. Nepalese people celebrate different festivals throughout the year. The colors, the cultural dresses and the way of expressing the festival with full heart will give us the feeling of brotherhood.
  • Thrilling stories of gods and world heritage sites.
    Kathmandu, Nepal is known as the “Land of Temples”. Wherever you walk around you will be able to see a pagoda style temple, if not at least a stone filled with colors where people will bow down and pray.
  • Taste local foods
    Volunteering in Nepal you will be able to live in local host families where you will get an opportunity to learn about Nepalese cuisine. Locals eat rice, lentils and curry as breakfast and dinner. Momo, Chow Mein, Samosa are some of the famous lunch. You will be able to get various street food which will give you the feeling of living like a local in Nepal.
  • Make impact
    Nepal is a third world country and in the process of developing. Due to many different natural disaster, Nepalese people are not being able to rise up. With various community welfare programs you will be able to contribute your skill and make impact. Volunteering in Nepal you will get an opportunity to realize life in different perspective.


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