Traveling makes us happier than material wealth

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Put your hand on your chest and ask yourself how are you feeling?

We humans are meant to be kind. Sometime due to heavy work, rushing on the street to be at different places on time. Can make us feel unhappy with ourselves and our life.

If you have started to feel ‘Life Sucks’. This is perfect time I believe you have to start to travel and meet new people.

Doing things you always wanted to do is better than staying depressed and frustrated.

I have met many travelers. Some travel to find the purpose of their life, some to find happiness and some travel to be out of their comfort zone to make new experiences.

Whatever the reason is, they choose to travel; they will get the treasure of experiences they will never forget.

The satisfaction of buying material stuff will not last long, but when we travel, those friends we made, the family we stayed with, local restaurants where we had less than a dollar breakfast- even the small memories will last longer, mostly forever.

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