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Best Solo Female Travel Destinations

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Many women out there are bound to have long-forgotten un-ticked bucket list buried deep down somewhere in-between the office files and the house keys. Its un-ticked contents reading like joining that Zoomba class that you have been considering for the past 2 years, or going on that solo trip to enjoy the rush of independence and adventure! Now the concern is what are you going to do about that unrealized solo trip? Carry it forward to the next year’s bucket list, we assume?

Well, that might as well be the case for most of you. And if you actually believe you are going to do this year because 2020 will be your year then we are right by your side. Yes, we believe just like you that 2020 will make it happen for you! So in order to make your resolve to plan your due-trip more stronger, we have already taken the next step. Yes, we have compiled a list of the best solo female travel destinations for you so that you don’t have to indulge in a mountain load of research work for when you are ready for a much-awaited break!

So eager to know what those destinations are? Well if that is the case then let’s not waste any more time before plunging right into the pool of locations that are waiting to be explored by you. Those include-

1. Japan

If you are a foodie and you like to explore the authentic taste of food in different countries, then we say Japanese! The cuisine here tastes delicious and on top of it, it’s very healthy. The sea-food is very famous globally and the sushi cuisines are to-die-for! So if you are planning to visit this country maybe Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka are the best choices because of how safe they are!

2. Italy

Italy has a rich history and the awe-inspiring sites here provide evidence to it. You can plan your trip to Trentino in Italy where you can enjoy Medieval and Renaissance architecture or you can hike the Brenta Dolomites to have a little adventure. However, if you want to visit a non-touristy destination then maybe you can go to Bologna. Here you can visit the beautiful museums and check out San Petronio. Believe us, this place will not put a dent in your savings plus it is also a completely safe destination for women!

3. India

If you are a woman of culture and you love to explore places that have a sense of community and tradition and which have a rich history then you might want to go to India! You can visit North India and go to states like Rajasthan and Gujarat to lose yourself in its beautiful culture! Here you can gaze at the Pink city (Jaipur), the blue city (Jodhpur) and the golden city (Jaisalmer) and be amazed by their grandeur. Also, if you have a little more time on your schedule then try visiting Agra to check out the seventh modern wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal!

4. Switzerland

A woman loves nature and knows to appreciate beauty. And if that is the case with you too, then plan your next solo trip to Switzerland, a country that is full of beautiful lakes and snow-clad mountains! The views here can best be described as gorgeous and people here are very friendly, helpful and accommodating.

5. Paris

If you are a true romantic at heart who has always dreamed of a sweet little getaway then, my dear lady, it seems like Paris is your calling! No matter if you have met your prince charming yet or if you are still waiting for him to enter your life, the streets of Paris are going to welcome you with open arms! Also, visiting this city solo is going to give you a sense of empowerment, accomplishment, and hope! And the background here is perfect for some beautiful solo selfies!

6. Turkey

If you are fascinated with the Muslim culture and you want to look into it more deeply then consider visiting Turkey. The Muslim hospitality here will make sure that you get invited into many homes for lunch and the intricately designed infrastructure here will steal your heart. Explore the natural beauty of the coast and check out the historical riches of Capadoccia to have an unforgettable experience!

7. Prague

If you want to go on a cheap yet exciting solo trip then Prague is just the place for you. Here make sure to check out the old but fascinating Prague Castle, go on the Panoramic Vltava River Cruise all by yourself, visit the Museum of Senses to have a sense-boggling experience, walk on the Charles Bridge on a quiet evening and spend an entertaining and thrilling afternoon with bones at Kutna Hora UNESCO site tour!

8. Sri Lanka

Do you possess a love for wildlife and the deep blue seas? If so then your choice is made. Visit Sri Lanka on your solo trip and check out the beautiful beaches of Nilaveli and Uppaveli. Here you can also go for snorkeling if you enjoy a little dose of adventure or you can arrange a trip to majestic Blue Ocean to say Hii to the friendly dolphins that are found here! Also, the many national parks located in this country are going to quench your thirst for witnessing wildlife.

9. Australia

If you are planning to go on a trip where you can have a little ‘fun’ to reset your system then plan your holidays in Australia. Here you can visit some of the most famous pubs like Sin City and Gold Coast to witness the best DJ nights and live bands. They are major crowd pullers!
So daydreaming about that amazing solo trip yet? Well if you are then do not waste any more time and book your tickets first thing in 2020 to get away from your stressful and mundane regular life for a bit.

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