Where Can I Find the Best Furniture for My Hospital?

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When furnishing or re-vamping a hospital or lab there are many items to consider. Aside from the normal chairs and tables, cabinets and equipment are needed to care for patients properly. Special lighting, exam tables, and blood drawing chairs are a few examples of what you’ll need in your hospital or lab. You can find these items at medical furniture suppliers and laboratory furniture suppliers stores.

Hospital Furniture

When you are looking for hospital waiting room furniture and bedroom furniture you are making an investment and you’ll want it to last through the years. Look for quality well-made items from medical furniture suppliers that can stand up to daily use and survive the wear and tear. Another important factor in hospitals is an infection. When helping sick people, germs and bacteria need to be constantly fought against. There are specific infection prevention protocols that must be adhered to in order for your hospital to be a safe environment for all. Look for medical furniture suppliers that offer furniture items with no seams or joints that can harbor microbial growth. Hospital furniture should come with a warranty and be resistant to dings and wear and tear. Surfaces should also be made with nonporous material for longer lasting, cleaner furniture. Make sure the furniture can withstand extensive cleaning that requires constant Clorox and peroxide wipe downs.

Clean Furniture

A hospital can never be too clean or disinfected when dealing with patients who may have a communicable disease or a virus. Laboratory furniture suppliers carry all the essential needs to keep a hospital or lab germ and infection free. They have biohazard trash bags and supplies to properly dispose of hazardous waste products. They also carry protective masks and clothing, disinfectant wipes and sterilization products. Essentials like surgical scrub brushes and trays and disinfecting surgical soaps can be purchased at lab furniture suppliers. Many of the cleaning and lab furniture suppliers can also be found online at Bellmed.com and in specialty supply stores.

Lab Furniture

Laboratories need specific items that can only be found at lab furniture suppliers. Laboratory benches, carts, special chemical and forensic cabinetry, as well as general storage and apparel cabinets, are specific to the needs and functions of each lab. Forensic labs do delicate and important work. Forensic furniture holds evidence and must have special compartments and ventilation to preserve the evidence properly. This is very important as lives depend on the evidence in crime situations. General storage cabinets is something all labs will need. They should be able to hold basic lab supplies and equipment such as microscopes, tongs, magnifying lenses, stoppers, and testing materials. Chemical cabinetry is made to house dangerous and corrosive materials. They are specifically made with safety in mind to prevent chemical spills and fires. Only those who specialize in dangerous chemicals should be using this furniture. Laboratory workspaces are generally integrated with the specific cabinetry for ergonomic and productive lab work.

Keeping in mind these things will ensure you get quality furniture that is easy to keep clean and long-lasting. It is important to have the right furniture and equip your laboratory with the specialized furniture it will need to function properly and safely. As with everything, a clean regimen in hospitals and labs are always important. Finding furniture where its surfaces are easy to clean and are nonporous is key to keeping germs away. Always look for furniture with a warranty to ensure its longevity. Laboratory and medical furniture, as well as other medical supplies, can be a one-stop shop with the right suppliers.

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