Wally Sajimi, Nietzsche Labs, Endorsify

Meet Wally Sajimi, The man Behind Nietzsche Labs

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We got a chance to talk to Wally Sajimi, the co-founder of Endorsify and Nietzsche Labs. After saying goodbye to his positions at the United Bank of Switzerland and Salesforce back in 2016, Wally Sajimi made the move to be an entrepreneur.

Since then, he has built an impressive online portfolio with fashion brands such as Cactus Plant Flea Market, PsychWorld, and Young Thug’s Spider Worldwide. That is not all; Wally Sajimi has also collaborated with musicians like G4 Boyz, A$AP Mob, music label Cinematic Music Group, and others.

Due to his dynamic personality and innovative approach, Wally managed to build his own startup backed by notable venture capitalists. As he confidently likes to put it in words as:

 “I have ideas, and I’m good at building teams to help execute.”

We see a new creative website popping up related to fashion, music, art, and other creative niches. However, setting up an online store is easier these days, thanks to online selling portals such as Squarespace, Shopify, and Wix.

However, every once in a while, developers and creators come to redefine the approach to customize and build the website in a user-friendly fashion or music sense.

Nietzsche Labs is a technology development shop specializing in building websites, apps, and other things for fashion brands, creative folks, and musicians.

Wally and Nietzsche Labs have a simple primary motto, “If you can think of an idea, we will try to bring it to life.”

When asked about his favorite projects so far and challenges Wally Sajimi had to overcome, he said,

“It would be hard for me to pick a favorite project because they are all unique and inspiring in their own ways. However, I recently did a project with Cactus Plant Flea Market in October 2020 when they released their Air Force 1 sneakers.”

Wally Sajimi further added that the project was fun from beginning to end because there were millions of bots. Nietzsche Labs ensured that a user could only buy a single pair per order. In case you tried to buy more than a single pair of those sneakers, the shipping cost was a million dollars.

He said, “I don’t like doing things the conventional way, its just boring to me. But I also don’t like to rush so things take time to execute.”

You can put him in a new category as being a creative technology directors. There needs to be alignment with creative, fashion brands, and musicians to developers and engineers.

When asked about any advice he would like to share with budding entrepreneurs and business owners, he said, “I’m not in a position to give advice but a good Naval Ravikant quote is persistence beats timing. Execution beats luck. Not immediately, but eventually. Then money follows ecetuion, not precedes it. “ As a startup founder, you need to have an idea, take risks, build a team, and execute.

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