Let the Pros Purge Your Home of Data Liabilities to Stay Safe

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Every day there seems to be another story about a company or political party getting hacked. While these kinds of stories usually have to do with cyber security, that’s not the only way to become the victim of a data breach, and the criminals don’t only target high-profile victims.

There are less sophisticated ways to commit identity theft which can still be absolutely devastating to the victim. Some involve coming into possession of enough of a person’s personal information that permits the thief to either drain a bank account, blackmail the victim, or something along those lines. 

That’s why it’s important to purge your home of any sensitive information that you don’t need, which could do you damage if the wrong people got their hands on it. Read on to see how professionals can purge your home to keep you safe.

Residential Document Destruction

Professional shredders make removing sensitive material from your home easy, because they’re able to do it practically right from your doorstep. You should be sure to stay safe this tax season by shredding any documents you have about tax filings or banking information, or any business materials you may have.

For smaller amount of paper documents to be destroyed, the best professional shredder services have a mobile shredding truck that can come to your home to securely dispose of your sensitive material. On-site destruction is convenient, secure, and effective.

For larger volumes to be shredded, they can send a truck to pick up the documents, and bring them for shredding to their facility. Either way, you’ll never have to work out the logistics for how to transport so many boxes of heavy paper. The pros always make it easy.

Electronic Data Destruction

Most homes now are filled with electronic devices storing data. The list of electronics that potentially pose a risk to you includes hard drives, flash drives, USBs, and old cell phones or computers. It also includes things like printer memory cards, which may not come to mind right away when thinking of data liabilities.

Be thorough, and make sure that nothing lying around your home poses a risk. The essential thing is that the shredder destroys the electronics to the point where no data can be recovered or retrieved because the microchips have been pulverized. Only then are you truly safe.

Environmentally Friendly

Whether it’s paper or electronics that you’re having shredded, make sure to hire a company which recycles the materials with which it works. Every business has a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, especially companies working directly with recyclables. 

Nobody expects to be the next victim of identity theft, and by the time you realize it’s all too possible it’s already too late. You don’t want to be on the news for the wrong reasons! To keep yourself safe, be proactive and remove the potential threats before they become a problem by hiring the professionals to purge your home. 

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