How to Understand Your Customer’s Psyche for Online Marketing

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Online marketing is a part of digital marketing. Digital marketing in general can be divided in two sections. Unlike the common perception, digital marketing is not limited to the internet. Radio marketing, television marketing and mobile marketing are all part of digital marketing. In fact, these are few of the best ways to advertise your products. Digital marketing also includes enhanced offline marketing. The goal here is to enhance the offline experience of a product or service by making use of electronics. If I am using my phone to book an appointment at the parlor before going there, I don’t need to wait in the queue or expect a full house. However, online marketing is what everyone is talking about in today’s time and age. What this means is that to fully succeed in marketing your business in 2019, you will need the knowledge of online marketing.

Aspects of Online Marketing

Online marketing includes a couple of things. The first is search engine optimization. It is the process of improving the search engine rankings for your website. Then comes search engine marketing. If I want to rent a guest house in a different city I have no idea about, chances are I will look it up on Google. I will try to connect with my potential agent. Without an online presence, your business will lose the opportunity to connect with someone like myself. Likewise, there is content marketing. Most websites have blogs today. By making use of those blogs, a lot of products are sold each day. That is called content marketing. Social media marketing is of course there. You can easily evaluate the level of your social media success by using various online tools to improve your marketing growth.

If you want to truly gain expertise in online marketing or even if you are just a business owner who does not have a kickass marketing team to do all the marketing chores, this blog should be able to assist you. No matter what, the ultimate goal with any business is consumer satisfaction. To truly achieve that, you will first need to identify who your customers are. You will need to learn about them and their traits and trends in order to further market them your products. Before any online campaign, it is essential that you learn about your customers.

Have a conversation with your existing customers

Before you jump into anything, the first step is to have a conversation with your customers. You need to learn how people are trying to reach you. Of course, there is the assumption that you already own a business and want to get started with online marketing. If you own a grocery store, your most loyal customers will be from your neighborhood. But is there a chance that someone in the neighborhood does not know about your store? Is there a chance that you can target them through online marketing? Would people be willing to switch stores? What is your customer satisfaction level? Are your current customers trying to persuade other potential customers to visit your store? If so, what makes you stand out? Why should you have successful digital marketing? It is important to ask all these questions from your customers to understand their point of view.

Are all your customers the same?

You may own a small ice cream stall but the customers coming to you will all be different. You may sell one single flavor of ice cream yet your customers will not all be the same. Your consumer is not always your customer. This means that a small kid consuming the ice cream is not paying for it. It is his or her parents. Do people who are aged older enjoy your ice cream? Is there something on the stall that the parents coming with their children would like to purchase as well? Learn about the age groups, professions and interests of your customers. If you are selling for a B2B customer, you need to learn about the kinds of businesses who can collaborate with you. Inside the company, who are you usually having conversations with also matter?

Learn how each customer leads to the final sale of the product/service

It may be that you have more customers coming in from referrals than that gorilla marketing you have been trying out. It is important to access that how people are reaching out to you. You need to understand how the process leads to sales for your business. If they are asking any questions, can you try to answer them in your future campaigns? There must be some people who would be looking at your products and not purchasing them. Can you learn about the reasons why sales are not happening? Try to spot the decision makers. For the ice cream stall example, it is the parent who is making the decision but it is the child that is triggering that act. This means that you not need to advertise your product to the parents even.

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