How to hire a proficient social media consultant?

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No matter how big or small scale business you operate, social media advertising has become as important as investing in any other digital marketing channel.

Per Buffer 2019,  a total of 73% marketers beleiveṣ that social media marketing has somewhat or been very effective for their business.

Also, Globalwebindex 2018 report states that 54% of people on social media use it for searching a product/service.

These are a considerable number, which means, not devising robust social media strategy could result in your business losing out on a significant opportunity. But this is 2019, you should no longer burden your team with developing critical social media policies, while they are preoccupied with ensuring productivity and efficiency of the organization. Their limited knowledge and little experience might not help formulate a competent strategy, then why waste their time and potential when you can hire a social media agency that will be devoted to your social media performance.

Social media consultants at these dedicated agencies come with years and decades of diverse experience in helping businesses of all sizes and variegated industry bolster their social media presence in a cost-efficient manner to yield maximum return on investment.

Wondering how?

  • Social media is more than just posting images, videos, and statuses, and a social media consultant knows how to utilize it for maximum engagement and awareness. ṣA social media consultant will help you forge fruitful relationships with customers, leading into the building of a large following and exposing the business to a broader audience.
  • They will decide what should go on your which social media channel and how for attracting a qualified audience and a better return on investment.
  • They know the performance metrics of each social media channel like the number of like, reposts, visitors. They will calculate this to provide you with detailed analytics reports and accordingly modify the strategy to enhance the level of engagement and your business’s social media performance
  • But finding a proficient social media consultant is like finding a needle in the haystack. You need to be extremely vigilant as not to hire someone promising to spike up your social media performance instantly because social media is a continuous work that will gradually lead to higher engagement and awareness, just like they say, Rome was not built in a day.

You social media consultant should:

  • Be excited to know your ultimate goal rather than just strategizing for one conversation.
  • Be able to explain what they are investing and how to maximize your return on investment.
  • Instead of the followers, their focus should be on the influencers that will bring the followers to your page for higher awareness and engagement.
  • Be well-equipped with the tactics to interpret the data and accordingly measure performance on each platform.

To find an adept social media consultant, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Do they hold demonstrable experience in successfully handling social platforms of business catering specifically to your industry? Have they been succesfuṣl in aligning social media strategies with the goals and objectives of your business?
  • Validate their claims in front of them to check are they just bluffing or t=do they hold prowess in engaging people on social media. Check which channel they claim to be master of, and you will know how adept they are in their job.
  • Ask for their thoughts on quantity vs. quality of the followers. A proficient social media consultant should be able to increase the number of followers and simultaneously ensure that the following community is taking action to contribute to bran’s visibility and growth. They should be able to differentiate between genuine followers and spammers or bots.

Those mentioned above will help you in quickly finding the cream of the crop.

Social media is not going anywhere, and if the exponentially growing statistics are to be believed, they are going to be a significant impact on how we roll our business.

Why not stay prepared with an abled social media strategist by your side?


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