Features of Best Commercial-Grade 3D Scanner

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With its ability to measure, document and produce almost anything with utmost precision, 3D scanning and printing, (expected to be a 42.9 billion industry by 2025) are being extensively used for various commercial purposes. With the computers paving the way for 3D technology, 3D scanning and printing have been influencing industries, whether it’s medical, manufacturing, education, art, architecture or other such industries, it has been able to achieve what seemed impossible a few decades ago.

What makes 3D scanning technology worth investing, you ask?

Most of the businesses today are designed based, which makes scanning and printing an absolute necessity. 3D scanner at an industrial environment can be used in the conceptualization and design phase to create precise and consistent structures/equipment. The smooth transition from physical to the digital model and prompt design sharing streamlines the design process.

Reverse engineering has been significantly leveraging from the 3D scanning.The high level of precision leads to the production of objects of the exact shape and accurate dimension. This, in turn, minimizes the manual intervention, thereby increasing staff productivity and leading to better utilization of time and money.

The ever-increasing demand and a higher number of organizations integrating this technology have given way to countless 3D scanning solutions, with each boasting their capability. This makes finding the right 3D scanner a rather daunting task. To help you make a more informed decision, we bring you the list of features which make a commercial-grade 3D scanner worth investing in:


You know how they say, “time is of the essence”? In this aggressively competitive environment, the last thing you want from your 3D scanner is to work more or less at the same speed as your workforce. While laser scanners and the structured light scanners come with an inherently faster pace, it is essential to check it in technical specifications. Einscan’s range of handheld and desktop 3D scanners are capable of delivering highly defined and accurately precise scans of objects with varying sizes at a remarkably faster rate.


The term ” good scan”, depending upon the purpose might have a different meaning in a different industry. But in general, a commercial-grade 3D scanner should be able to capture images of products varying in size, requirement and application with the same efficiency. The nature of products your business offers would ultimately decide what good scan would be. Maybe you might not mind missing geometry, or possibly your goal must be to reduce the time spent in building a prototype. Einscan’s feature-rich 3D scanners guarantee high-quality 3D modelling for a broader range of applications.


The goal of adopting 3D scanning technology is to generate accurate models that can fit the requirements of the design. Einscan’ 3D scanner bundled with solid Edge shining 3D edition creates high-quality 3D data ensuring high accuracy and detailed scans. The accuracy calibration process further enhances the 3D scanning experience resulting in accurate and high-resolution 3D modelling.


Before you jump on the bandwagon and purchase a 3D scanner which your contemporaries are using, one should consider important factors like purpose and cost, you also need to consider the lightning conditions under which the object will be scanned for production. The lightning will decide the performance of the 3D scanners. Bad light could lead to the generation of the model will be noisy and inaccurate dimensions. Go for a commercial-grade 3D scanner that can deliver a quality result in the office as well as in the industrial environment.


Ultimately it all boils down whether or not the technology you want to adopt, fulfils your requirement and simultaneously fits the budget. Einscan’s comprehensive 3D scanners are supporting versatile scanning modes with an optional industrial pack is available at a competitive market price.

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