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Two Easy Ways To Build 100,000 Followers on Facebook

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I spent months researching how to build an audience. To be honest, I have read all the online articles I could possibly find to help me grow followers on social media. With Facebook being one of the most popular platforms to share stories, I decided to put together all my knowledge to grow the page Influencing Entrepreneur.

We have recently exceeded 100,000 Facebook followers and we are aiming to build strong social media presence with a million audience. As the number of followers increase, we found out that many people started to trust our brand and share our content which helped us to increase our revenue and hire more people.


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Here are easy two ways we have used that you can use to build your audience up to 100,000:


  • Join as many Facebook groups as you can.

Start a Facebook page with the same name as your blog. Put a nice logo and cover photo. Share 10- 20 posts from your blog in some interval of time ( even you have 0 followers).

After you do the things mentioned above, join as many Facebook groups as you can with the same niche. Share quotes on your page and share them with those groups. If you share content that provides value, you can see engagement on those posts. The good thing doing this is you can invite those people who engaged on the post you shared to like the page.

Doing this for a month or two will definitely help you reach up to 100,000 followers.

  1.     Use Facebook ads

If you don’t want to put work and want your money to bring people to your page, this is one of the easy ways to build an audience. Try boosting a post with the audience who are interested in it. This will help you lower the cost of advertising. After you see certain reach, this can help you build the audience you desire, stop the ads and invite people that have engaged on the boosted post.

Please, note: you can only invite people to like your page if you have below 100,000 followers.

Sujan Pariyar is Editor in Chief of “Influencing Entrepreneur”, founder of Inxchan, social entrepreneur and author. He writes about entrepreneurship, travel and interview influencers around the world.

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