1 Way To Make $100 Everyday

How To Make Money Fast: 1 Way To Make $100 Everyday

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Welcome to Influencing Entrepreneur new blog post.
Here we teach 1 way to earn $100 per day.

Normal scenario, you have a blog with 20 plus content and you wanted to make money with ad revenue partnering with Adsense. But you only generate min $0.20 to max $1.50 per day and this doesn’t help you to pay your bills.

As you might have heard before, if you want to make more money you need to diversify your income source. Which is very true!

If you have a blog you can start using this technique right away. If you don’t have a blog yet, you can learn how to start a blog here or email us ( we will guide you). Starting a blog will only cost you $2.90 per month. This is a cup of coffee.

Here’s the 1 way you can make $100 per day.

#Sponsored Post

There are different companies connecting bloggers with brands. Enroll on those websites and wait for an email. You will not get sponsored post every day so you need to stop waiting for their mail and work on your own to get brand sponsorship.

If you think the Sponsored post will not work or brand will not pay you. Here’s Michelle Schroeder who owns a blog called “Making Sense of Cents” and charge $5,000 per post. She earns a minimum of $20,000 per month from sponsored partnerships alone.

Here is some website you can signup:

One of the best ways to make $100 per day with a sponsored post is to reach out to brands yourselves. You might be thinking now who to contact. The easy way is to search interviews/post on the websites or magazine online which are in a similar niche. When you land on those kinds of post, you can easily notice that it’s a sponsored post. Get their contact and email them about your blog/ brand promotion opportunity.

One of the best ways to reach them faster is to message them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

As you know you have to email 10-20 brands to get 1 or 2 of them as your clients ( Who will pay you $50 to $100 per post).

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