How businesses can use online marketing tools to maximize reach, exposure and SEO

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The influence on social media is alive and present in all fronts of human life, particularly when it comes to the world of business. Traditionally, businesses could use their influence to make conversions through paid ads and other marketing strategies. Social media platforms came to change that all, and this is evident now with the emergence of influencer marketing.

Large, medium, and even small businesses are no longer turning to companies to inform them of what they need or want. Organisations today just need to look for people whose influence and expertise of a certain industry is highly valued among the users. Vloggers and Bloggers are, for instance, seeing hundreds of companies lining up to enter into deals with them as their videos and posts are receiving countless views.

Online marketing has shifted to people and individuals, and the results are overwhelming as people are responding positively by being addressed directly instead of being served by faceless companies. This is the era of influencer marketing like influencers and bloggers at SeedingUp. Here are a few ways you can make influencer marketing, whether on social media or blogs, work for you by attracting more traffic and elevating your conversion rate.


  1. Put your audience front and centre

It’s purely logical to build your marketing strategy around your visitors since your ultimate objective is to convert them into paying customers. This simply means you should literally put your focus and all your efforts to knowing who your audience is and how you they might react. This will help you identify which influencer they are likely to follow and the type of content they’d prefer. This would also entail checking out appropriate blogs, articles, YouTube channels, tweets, and forums.

Most people are more likely to trust the opinion of a real person, in this case an influencer, rather than a company, since individuals appear more honest and genuine. These are independent third parties unlike companies trying to sell their products.


  1. Decide the type of influencer you need for your brand

Once you figure out your target audience, then it’s time to choose what kind of influencer would serve your campaign best. There are a number of things to consider when doing this: first the tone with which the person addresses your viewers or readers. Counting on your niche, you’ll need someone that’s efficient at getting your audience to take an action, a thought leader, or an industry insider.


 How influencers and bloggers can monetize their sites at SeedingUp

SeedingUp is an international internet marketing platform offering efficient services in over five languages for content seeding and marketing. SeedingUp has a worldwide customer base, which ranges from SEO agencies and renowned corporations to small online stores and individuals.

Advertisers have access to a high quality portfolio of over 23,000 blogs and online media with tested offers from a range of topics in various languages. SeedingUp doesn’t provide or run these webpages, as they are owned and/oroperated by independent publishers and bloggers who have registered their blogs or websites on the marketplace. Rather, SeedingUp is an intermediary with the necessary infrastructure and framework between publishers and advertisers. Their campaign service is an excellent solution for advertisers who lack either the expertise or time to carry out their marketplace activities.

Publishers can monetize your blogs and sites profitably on the SeedingUp marketplace. Several flexible products can be offered on the platform. The blog marketing products include:

  • Blog Post
  • Video Post
  • Digital News
  • Product Test

Other successful products include:

  • Influencer Video (YouTube)
  • Social Seeding (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Content Service

 Influencer marketing has hit the digital advertising landscape with a bolt. Businesses have diversified and are simply not fully dependent on traditional paid ads any more. The success of influencer marketing depends on your ability to identify your target audience and the influencer you choose. This way, you’ll be able to give your audience the right content through the person they identify with. Platforms such as SeedingUp are allowing businesses to connect with influencers in a direct fashion and therefore are enabling a more efficient and sustainable marketing environment.

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