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8 Tips To Increase Your Personal Productivity

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Sometimes we have these days where we just don’t do anything and don’t get anything done. We just procrastinate and feel like a sloth. We feel slow and unproductive. It is unsatisfying when we don’t get out of this blues and just hang around, doing nothing productively.
It is absolutely normal to have unproductive times and productive days. But when we lose balance and just hang around a lot, we don’t feel good but in the same time it seems hard to get out.
Here are some exercises and tips to push and increase your productivity. You can apply it in your private life as well as in your career. Let´s see what we got!

Find a purpose in what you do

Doing something with a meaning is always easier. Humans prefer to do something with a purpose. When you have to do something where you don’t see a sense, then it might be hard to finish it. When you have a purpose, you will stand for it and make it!

Don’t multitask

Nice try, doing many things at once. You think you can safe time when you do multiple things in the same time. You will be more efficient when you focus on one thing and finish that before you start something new. The productivity is higher when you do one thing with your whole concentration. So, don’t do multitask.

Find out your productive hours

Everybody is different. Some people love it to wake up early and directly start to work. Others prefer to work late at night and spend their mornings in the bed. Try to find the right time and rhythm for yourself, which supports your productivity.

Write a to do list

Making a plan of what you have to do and what you want to do, will help yourself. You are your own manager. You are the creator. Organize yourself and the things you want to achieve and work with your plan and check your to do list.

Eliminate distractions

Being distracted is a big factor which impacts your productivity. We have many ways and channels to distract ourselves. Try to eliminate as much as possible. Prepare your room in a way, that you will not be distracted, put your phone away and focus on what matters. You can fully distract yourself in your breaks. But while working, you should clear all distractions.

Just start

Very often we plan and think of doing this and that. But the most important step is to do it! Sometimes starting will give us the motivation and productivity which we need. Just always preparing and organizing will make us tired. Just start! This will push you on a higher level of productivity.

Reflect on your productivity

Continuously reflecting your productivity can help you to improve it. See what things helped you and what kept you down. You will realize what else you can do and change to be more productive.

Reward yourself

Most importantly, you should reward yourself for the tasks you did. Be proud for the things you achieved and cheer up yourself. Do something good and reflect your success. It will help you to be more self-confident and strong for everything that comes up.

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