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7 Tips For A Better Stress Management

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Our world is filled with stress and hustle about a job, about career, about family and about social life. People stress about having a partner, people stress about getting the perfect job and enough money.
Society defined certain stress as something good because we are busy and furthermore successful. Having a stressing job might connect with being in a high responsible position which is recognized with respect.
Because of this life-stress, phenomena’s like burnout and depression appeared. Now people and companies try to call out to be more attentive and mindful with stress and its management.
People try to be aware which level of stress is productive and when they reach the point where it is too much.
We found some tips to manage and reduce stress. Check it out!

Get social support

When you realize that stress overtakes you and you cannot handle it yourself, ask friends, family or colleges to help you. You might think that it will show how weak you are, but asking for help is a very powerful and strong action. People around you, will always support you.

Take a break from the stressor

when you are working on a big project and get stressed more and more every second, take a break. It does not sound logical. But it is! Get away from the project for a while and take a productive break. After getting back you can work on it again with new energy and a fresh focus.

Make a to do list

Don’t lose the control. Make a list of things you have to do. Be clear about what is expecting you. Be prepared and organized, so you exactly know what you have to do. The feeling of being the boss of your life will help you to manage the stress easier. You can focus and work it through. You will not get lost in responsibilities and unbearable hustle.

Manage your time

Managing time is connected with the previous point. Organize your responsibilities and obligations. Make a timetable which helps you to get through all the stress. Knowing when and how much time you have for certain things, will push your productivity.

Take a rest and relax

When you try to get things done without taking a break it will take you down. You should manage and balance your time with working and resting. Taking a break will help you to fresh your mind, get a clear view and refills your batteries. It is important to work continuously on your projects, but it is even more important to get away from it to relax. People have different ways to calm down. Some just need a book, others meditate or take a walk in the nature.


Exercising is another way of stress relief. Going for a swim, a hike or a run can help you to relax yourself and relief the stress which bottled up inside your body and mind. It will give you new energy and refreshes your mind. Exercising will take down your inner anxiety, restlessness and concerns.

Get more sleep

Sleeping is the natural way of recovery. It gives your mind and body a break. You can calm down and fill up all sources of energy. Having a lack of sleep might just push your stress to a higher and unhealthy level which you can´t control anymore. Getting enough sleep will enable you to handle the stress and be productive through the whole time.

Sujan Pariyar is Editor in Chief of “Influencing Entrepreneur”, founder of Inxchan, social entrepreneur and author. He writes about entrepreneurship, travel and interview influencers around the world.