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Excelsia College: An innovative, academic and professional college with a focus on spirituality.

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There are hundreds of dance colleges offering different dance and drama courses. Some of these colleges can offer outstanding Contemporary, Classical, and Musical Theater training and they have many studios with great facilities. All these are possible due to the success of reality TV shows and these reality shows are pushing all dance genres to the forefronts of peoples’ minds. Every day, more and more people want to learn how to dance and some have the dream of becoming a teacher, professional dancer, or choreographer. When looking forward to pursuing a career in dance, choosing the right type of training is one important thing to note.

If you have finally decided to learn dance, the first thing is to look for a dance school that offers the form of dance you are interested in. an example is if you are interested in ballet dancing, you can then look for traditional ballet schools – you can identify such a school with a ballerina in their dance studio logo.

When it comes to selecting the best dancing school for a suitable undergraduate program of dancing, the college ranking will help you in making the right decision. This will also boost your success rate. There are also many other factors you should consider like annual enrollment rates, the size of the library, academic quality, and the average number of students offering their postgraduate courses.

Now, what’s the catch? Excelsia College is an innovative, academic and professional college in Australia with a focus on spirituality. The Excelsia College was established in 1983. It was originally known as the Wesley Institute. The students and alumni of this great citadel of learning embark on a journey of lifelong learning. In this college, you will not be thought about education alone, you will also grow spiritually. With our history, value, and staff, you are sure to ‘Excel in Everything’ while studying at Excelsia College.

At Excelsia College, we are full of students from different parts of the world. This shows that we have a lot of backgrounds, traditions, and experiences in our college. But there is one thing they have in common – the ability to learn! This is what brought us together. At Excelsia College, we are passionate about excelling and growing – this is done professionally, creatively, academically, personally, spiritually. The combination of all of these will make our community understand why they are in this world and their place in it. To have a firm foundation for your personal and professional life, you can register for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at our college.

There are a lot of courses you can offer as an undergraduate or postgraduate in Excelsia College. Some of these courses include dance courses, drama courses, counseling courses, business courses. In addition, you can go for some other degree courses like a degree in music, drama, education, counseling and in business. Entry requirement is not hard to get and they vary from one country to the other. They also have cheap international fees on all courses. These fees vary from one country to the other.

During your course of study, you will learn in a serene, supportive, and Christ-centred environment in addition to world-class academics and accomplished industry professionals who are always ready to stand beside you and inspire you on your journey. What you have (in terms of talents and gifts) before joining us will be nurtured as you will be challenged to maximize your potential. Our plan is to provide a life-long friendship with our small class sizes. Also, the interaction with our vibrant, collaborative community is to provide an expansive network of Christians, artists, and professionals.

We, at Excelsia College together with Indiana Wesleyan University, are part of a global Christian learning community with big plans for the future. Isn’t this great? Excelsia College has 32 years of experience in providing Christian higher education in Australia and also IWU has 95 years of experience in Christ-centred education in both the US and global markets. We are all well positioned to provide a higher education for the Christians in the world. We also plan to improve Christian higher education for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Australia.

We trust you will develop your character as well as your mind, both in the classroom and in the community at large. We will work to help you explore and deepen your faith so that you are able to engage thoughtfully and sustainably both in your vocation and in your community. We look forward to sharing your journey towards a fulfilling and inspiring future. We offer the best to our students; you can confirm this through our outstanding result from the survey done by our students. This survey, QILT (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching), was carried out by the Federal Government Department of Education and Training.

Above all, you can visit our website here to learn more about Excelsia College, our courses, degrees, and testimonies.

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