Planning A Family Trip

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When we started a family, we had never thought that what all places would we go. But when you are passionate about travel and can always make time to plan a family vacation, there is no stopping.

In this blog let us share with you some tips on how to plan a family vacation that goes perfectly well when traveling with 2 kids. You can take cues from this LGBT family travel blog as well. They go places that one would definitely want to go once to in their lifetime and would make their vacation time look effortlessly gorgeous.

When planning a family trip, here are a couple of things you need to take care of.


Get Online, Start Planning


Before you simply book tickets to a place, of course, you are going to research about that place online. It is only how we take most of our decisions in today’s times. Pick a place that has probably been always on your bucket list and just make it happen this time.

If you are in the States, or anywhere for that matter, you can pick from any of the following spots:

The Mayan Ruins Of Coba


Italy – Venice

Las Vegas

The Yosemite National Park

Make sure to pack the essentials

For this, we always recommend having a cheat sheet handy. Make columns for every member of the family and note down the essentials they might need.

This helps avoid over packing. You also avoid having any regrets when you reach your destination about missing out on any of your important essentials.

Keep clothing pairs as minimal with clothing that can be recycled and does not need to be washed. Keep extra underwear handy (this goes out for every family member).

Pack only 2 pairs of shoes per person. Something which is versatile enough to go with your outfits.

And in that case, review your outfits to be as easy-breezy and comfy as possible. Must have – a pair of jeans, sunscreen, towels for everyone, basic toiletries, basic t-shirts, sunglasses, caps, a scarf, and a light blanket for night travel, just in case. These are simply recommendations and their need can vary as per your choice. Though make sure you do pack these and have zero regrets at the end of your trip.

Cost Planning

Are you a smart family? Then you must have done some budgeting before coming to the decision of planning a family trip to a great location that everyone enjoys. Make sure your cost planning does not miss out on important aspects like – cost agenda of accommodation, travel cost – this includes both to and fro from the destination. Also, include your food cost wherein what would an approximate cost of your family lunch/breakfast and dinner with enough scope to spare some extra cash.

Fourth and the last cost should be for trip enjoyment or any entertainment activities you might want to indulge in when at the vacation spot.

If you are looking for LGBT Family Travel inspiration ideas, make sure you check this blog out called 2dadswithbaggage. We thoroughly enjoyed their recent blog post on their Mayan adventure and maybe you might too. Check them out today and show some love. Thanks!


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