Unique Tips On Staying Inspired About Fitness For Women

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As women, we are always finding new ways to learn about health, fitness, wealth, and happiness. That’s a pretty full plate, right? Why do we feel so inclined to learn more about health and fitness? We all want to be the person who wakes up at 7 am, eats some avocado toast, goes on a steady jog, and then drinks a gallon of water. It’s human nature to want to better yourself and live the best life possible. However, It’s no surprise that a lot of us are still lacking the proper exercise and diet that we need to live a healthy lifestyle. This is because we need constant inspiration and motivation to keep us going on the right track. It’s easy to get inspired when you see someone else living an extraordinary life, but as soon as you forget about the jealousy, the motivation vanishes. So how do we educate ourselves on a semi-regular basis? Furthermore, how do we inform ourselves in a fun way that has the ability to keep our attention?

This is a difficult question considering the average persons’ attention span is only 8 seconds long. Meaning if the content you’re reading doesn’t completely excite you, you’re likely to start focusing on something else after only 8 seconds. The way I bypass boring, educational research is by integrating Women’s fitness and health into the things we already do every single day. This way you can stay informed and motivated without having to change your daily routine.

Americans are starting to stress the importance of healthy nutrition and diets more and more each year. This is because we are learning more about the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle as medical technology advances. An unhealthy diet contributes to approximately 678,000 deaths each year in the U.S alone., due to nutrition- and obesity-related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. Staying informed about the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle will help keep you motivated and educated along your journey.

According to the Nielsen report, United States adults are watching over 5 hours of television each day on average. Whether they are cooking and have their favorite show running in the background, or they are watching the new Adams Family movie on repeat before bed. I think we can all agree that we spend a fair amount of our time watching television, rightfully so, its grasps our attention and is able to keep it for a remarkable amount of time. If you think about the fact that our attention span lasts only about 8 seconds but we somehow manage to watch 5+ hours of television per day on average, it’s quite mind-boggling. Women’s fitness and health is no different, do you think you could stay focused on an informative television show for 20ish minutes?

Choose Health is a remarkable health show dedicated to empowering women with groundbreaking information that builds a strong foundation for achieving health, wealth, and happiness. You will receive answers to common health questions and get up to speed on the latest health trends so you can make informed health decisions for you and your loved ones. You can tune in weekdays at 7:30 A.M. on lifetime to address relevant health issues from the perspective of early detection, new treatment options, prevention and ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. You can now turn on a fun, informative health show every morning as you start your day, allowing you to stay inspired and motivated throughout your entire day.

That’s not all, im sure most of you are fans of social media and if you aren’t im going to explain why it’s going to be your best friend throughout your journey of health, wealth, and happiness. Social media allows you to belong to a community of people just like you! You can meet and interact with people that share the same values and goals as you. Not to mention all the amazing people that are out there in the world, involving yourself in social media is like connecting the four corners of the world with one click. While using social media you’re likely to encounter many inspirational stories that have the power to motivate you instantly.

Social media is good for more than inspiration, you can get answers to all the questions you’ve been wondering about but havent had the time to research. Furthermore, youre likely to get answers from people who have experienced similar things as you and can offer a unique perspective to your problem. If you’re looking for new, motivational accounts to follow head over to Balancingacttv on Instagram for daily inspiration and advice! It’s very important to view social media as a source of inspiration, ideas, and growth. Sometimes people let social media take them to a dark place by comparing different lifestyles. You can avoid this by unfollowing any accounts that negatively affect you and following people that share amazing stories and advice with their audience. You can also head to their facebook group for healthy dinner recipes and lifestyle advice on a daily basis.

We accomplish much more by integrating women’s health and fitness education with the activities that we would already typically do. I know I wake up every morning and check my Instagram for new, inspiring information. Starting your day with motivational content is the best way to accomplish things throughout your day. If you feel like you’re struggling to stay encouraged throughout your health journey, you are not alone! Many people want a better life and have the possibility to achieve great things but they lack the daily inspiration to keep them on track. I’m telling you guys that D-A-I-L-Y motivation is key to your success story. Start your morning off by watching the Balancing Act and learning the best vegetables to introduce into your diet, the advantages of treating sleeping problems, new approaches to addiction rehabilitation, and much much more! Start your healthy journey tomorrow morning at 7:30 A.M. on lifetime.

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