Health And Nutrition - Dr. Ryan Shelton Explains Our Most Precious Possession

Health And Nutrition – Dr. Ryan Shelton Explains Our Most Precious Possession

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With the ongoing Corona pandemic, we are confronted with the topics of health and sickness every second. While leaving the house, we wear a mask to keep the infection risk low. We try to avoid meeting our family in person because we don´t want them to get infected from an unknown infection from our side. 

People do tests to check if they caught the Corona-Virus or if they are “negative”. Not only is the infectious Virus the subject of many conversations; we are confronted with the side effects that cause mental challenges like depression and anxiety.

So, we are facing the challenges of health and sickness more than ever. Most of the time it is connected with fear, anger, and uncertainty. 

Let’s take a neutral look at health, how conventional medicine and a healthy diet can impact the precious possession of health.

What is health?

The WHO defines health: “A state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (see WHO, 2021)

Health is the center of our life. Without good health, many parts of our lives are deeply impacted. 

If we have good health we can grow on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Health describes the situation when we can fully live all those 4 sectors without any trouble. Being healthy we can be successful in our job, we can share the love with our family & friends and help people all around the world.

The role of conventional medicine

Conventional medicine is the mainstream medicine used all over the world. Healthcare professionals and doctors treat symptoms and diseases with drugs, radiation, or surgery. It is also known as western medicine. The majority of people go for this kind of treatment when they are sick. So, it is the most important fundament for the majority in our society. A common hospital is a place where people go if there is an emergency. 

Complementary medicine is alternative medicine with natural, spiritual, and traditional treatments. 

Even though many treatments and medicines exist, the main medicine people choose is conventional medicine.

The importance of good nutrition

Talking about health and treatment we also have to consider the aspects of prevention. Every day we can take precautions to take care of our body and mind to prevent getting sick. We cannot avoid every illness, but we can reduce the risk of getting sick.

One of the most important preventive measures is good nutrition. Taking a look at Dr. Shelton Zenith Labs, we can learn about the aspects of how we can strengthen our body and health with a proper diet and nutrition. The medical research director says that balanced nutrition is the backbone of good health.

Our body needs fruits, vegetables, proteins, and much more to work on its highest level of efficiency. Eating unhealthy food all the time can cause serious problems for the body and weakens the immune system. 

Strengthening our immune system, the organs and the overall machinery of our body helps us to be strong and healthy and reduces the risk of getting sick.

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