Why Skydiving Can Be The Ultimate Gift You Can Give

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Skydiving is a great gift to give someone because it gives them a great opportunity to try something new that cannot be compared to anything else that they have done before. If you have always wanted to fly or are an adrenaline junkie and want an out of this world experience, skydiving can be a great option for you.

Best View

With Skydive Monterey Bay you can see great views of San Francisco while also seeing beautiful coastlines and valleys. This company offers a safe, comfortable experience like no other place in the area. It is located in a beautiful location which is perfect for first-timers. They fly, operate, and land only about 3 miles away from the ocean which makes their landing area closer to the ocean than any other skydiving center in the area. Beautiful sunny, blue skies with lots of clouds make a great sight to see when skydiving. Sand dunes, incredible mountains, and waves crashing over the beaches nearby are all great reasons to skydive with this company. The mountains you will see include the Monterey Bay, Santa Lucia, and Santa Cruz Mountain range. You may even see a whale or a dolphin while being so high off of the ground which is an incredible thing to witness.

Tallest Skydive

The best part of skydiving is the experience of the freefall. At any other skydiving location, a freefall will typically last anywhere from 15-45 seconds but at Skydive Monterey Bay, a freefall will last about 90 seconds. Not only will you experience the best freefall skydiving in the Bay Area, but you will also experience the tallest skydive ever. Most skydive centers have a jump between 8,000 and 12,500 feet, but at Skydive Monterey Bay, you will experience a jump that is 40-125% higher than any other location. This is what makes it one of the tallest skydives to ever be experienced compared to other skydiving locations. You can also do the world’s highest tandem skydive which is 18,000 feet above the ground. Here you can find the fastest operating skydiving plane all through California.

Best Value Skydive

You will fly in the Super King Air Twin Engine B200, an aircraft known as one of the safest and most comfortable in the industry. This airplane typically holds around 21 passengers which is great because you can enjoy skydiving with friends and family. This is not an average skydiving plane which is usually crammed and only fits four people. On this plane, you will sit comfortably and enjoy scenic views until it is your turn to skydive. The airplane is the fastest skydiving airplane which means you will jump just 6 and 1/2 mins after getting onto an airplane or even just 9 mins after taking off.


Instead of just offering a luxurious skydiving experience, Skydiving Monterey Bay also offers entertainment. Picnic tables are located inside and outside of the building as well as a foosball table and cable TV. Vending machines with snacks as well as skydiving merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies are available at the gear shop.

Since 1996, Skydiving Monterey Bay has offered 23 years worth of safe and fun skydiving for people of all ages. Named for having Best Instructors, Best Equipment, Best Aircraft, and Best Safety Record, Skydiving Monterey Bay truly offers a world-class experience. This place is located at the former U.S. Army Post Fort Ord Fritzsche Army Airfield, which makes it a popular destination that people from all around the world travel to come to visit.


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