When You Want To Add A Vintage Touch To Your Home Decor By Doing The Bare Minimum

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Yes, you read that right. Even by doing the bare minimum, you can easily get that awe-inspiring vintage appeal to your home decor. We have listed the exact things you need to do so take out your pencils/pens and take note.

When you wish to add something vintage in your decor, one tricky part is that it needs to either be exemplary enough to over-power the rest of the decor and stand out as a single piece. Or you might have to work on creating a vintage decor theme around the house by adding basic elements. So let us get started.

To add an effortless antique appeal to your home, start with the doors. Bookmark the products shared ahead.

We are starting with both your main and interior door wherein you can add simple antique hardware elements. Option 1 – You can get your interior doors given a vintage wood finish instead of the classic white vinyl. Option 2 – You can easily get your door to have that antique touch by adding things like this pull handle. You can get antique doorknobs for almost all the doors in your house to create an easy thematic vintage appeal.

In ancient times, they did not have doors with click knobs. They simply had these to either pull or knock on the door. You can easily add this hammered pull to almost any door in the house. Ideally, we’d suggest you add this to your main door.

We’re sure you must have some kind of shelves at home. Well, why not get crafty. Replace your old shelf brackets with this antique shelf bracket and make the more vintage.

Another of the antique interior door hardware we would like to suggest you is this door hook. We probably don’t see these kinds of hooks anywhere anymore. While one’s grandparents might still have this at their old house, in order to add a vintage charm, this antique cabin door hook can be an easy fixture. These hooks are ideal for smaller cabin doors and not wider or bulky doors. Read the description well or consult your renovation specialist to know the exact ideal placement of this.

How could we forget the windows? While we won’t suggest you to get your window revamped in terms of getting the whole pane or frame changes, you can easily add this window chain that is inspired by the golden times.

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