Try These Scary Escape Rooms In Calgary This Weekend

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Escape Rooms have become common in everyone’s bucket list and all for the right reasons. They have a lot to offer and all at the same time. From testing their puzzle solving and detective skills to giving them high doses of adrenaline dose with time ticking at the back of their head, escape rooms are the live realization of a video game and one of a kind. To understand the gravity, let’s have a brief look at the history of escape games/rooms.

Escape Rooms – A History

Crimson Room, a game launched in 2005, became insanely famous and the concept was to escape a locked room by solving puzzles and picking up clues. People loved the idea and it got really popular. Inspired by this game, a Japanese Company, called SCRAP, first launched a live escape room in 2007. Since then, escape Rooms have flourished and currently has millions of followers.

People often misunderstand that they have limited options with escape rooms. If only you could find good providers near you, you would know that there are multiple options and many ways to enjoy at escape rooms. Here is a list of ways you can use escape rooms to enjoy.

The Conventional One

Like every other person, you can book your slot and have an hour of adrenaline rush from cracking puzzles, finding keys, and escaping from the trapped rooms. Even in this, many reputed providers offer a variety of rooms based on different themes and difficulty levels. Find the top-rated and scary escape rooms in Edmonton by searching for the top rated ones online, now!

Team Building and Corporate Events

Escape Rooms are considered very good team building activity and this is why popular providers offer escape rooms with greater member capacity. Solving puzzles, picking up hints, and finding your way out of a locked room brings the whole team together. Many popular companies use escape hour for team building and corporate events.

Customized Rooms

Top providers of escape rooms also give you the option to create customized rooms for maximum fun. So, choose your theme and enjoy with a wide range of available options of escape rooms.

There are many such ways you can have fun at escape rooms. Do a background check on an escape room provider to ensure a wholesome experience. You can look for ratings and reviews of the place you are planning to go by searching online, for instance – scary escape rooms in Calgary, to get a list of top-rated escape rooms in the area. Book your slot now!

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