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After all, a hotel will survive as long as it has the guest and building a base of the loyal guest is a daunting process. With the big data helping hotel industry delve deep into travelers desires and demands from the hotel industry, the competition to attract and retain loyal guest is getting tougher with the passing days. This is why it is essential for the hotels to come up with ideas and implement such strategies that maximize their guest retention because we all know in any business primarily in the hotel industry, getting a new customer is costlier than retaining the existing ones.

If you are wondering that how can the same guest visiting the hotel impact the business, then think about the increase in booking, revenue, reviews, and referral.

While you do the math, let us look at some tips that might come handy in retaining loyal guests:


Although the phrase is generally not applicable in every scenario but in the case of hospitality and hotel industry, this phrase is what runs their business. It is important to welcome the guest with sincere and warm behavior, regardless of the time they arrive. A positive or negative impression is made right after the bookings are made. Periodic follow up with planter via texts or email makes the customer feel valued and reminds them of their traveling dates.  Enhancing customer satisfaction begins from the check-in process which should be as smooth as possible.


If you ask any traveler,the biggest turn off in a hotel, the response would be, “why do they have to be so generic and monotonous?”. In this time and age when big data is being utilized by almost every business and industry to gather better insight into customer’s demands, being generic would lose you a significant guest. Customer dissatisfaction will decrease your guest loyalty retention. Keeping a record of guest’s preference can help you provide them with more personalized service. Take, for instance, upgrading your toiletries to duck island toiletries if your guest is celebrating their anniversary or are coming on a honeymoon. The more insightful you will be, the better you will be able to deliver services to your guests, thereby upsilon customer’s experience and customer satisfaction.


Every hotel should implement and adequately communicate with the existing guests to convert them to a loyalty member. Customize your loyalty program by offering them rewards such as free hotel room upgrade, free parking, free room service, etc, special discount, proffering incentives — loyalty program help in targeting return customers and enhance guest retention. Carefully created loyalty program ensure an increase in guest retention. You can further transform your loyalty program to impress your existing guest base by creating a point based or booking based system, promoting your loyalty program on social media platforms, dividing the loyalty program into tiers which get unlocked as guests association with the hotel increases.


We all know and understand the importance of reviews and feedbacks and what it can do to the reputation of a business. A successful practice will be to encourage your guest into filling the feedback forms with words of appreciation and suggestion for improvements. Encourage them to do so on social media platforms. Immediate and continuous feedback can help in enhancing guest stay and experience. This will also help you compensate the guests, if and when they have a bad experience and give negative feedback.

These tips will help you enhance your guest retention and even attract new guests. After all, as the owner of the renowned luxury hotel group, trevi, Atef Mankarios says of hospitality: The key thing that a hotel must do  is create a unique personal experience for each guest.”

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