The Ultimate Guide To Styling a Beautiful Vintage Wedding

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So you live in the Miami area, and you want to style a vintage wedding? There are tons of guides and stylist pages out there already for specific decorum and objects to have (we’ll get to this in a minute), but we should establish one thing first before we go any further. Weddings are first and foremost about capturing and displaying the couple’s personalities, interests, and passions. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! We’ve seen in the past decade a resurgence for the 2000s trend of antique/vintage weddings. It’s almost starting to become synonymous with a traditional wedding if you can envision what that looks like. Whether the phenomenon is a return to the past or simply children being inspired by some old photo albums the fact of the matter is that today there are so many more options for styling a vintage wedding in Miami. But again, you shouldn’t style your wedding with fake antiques, hire a photographer with vintage filters on deck and fake an interest purely because it’s what you’re used to seeing a wedding look like. A wedding truly does not have any style set in stone, so get it out of your head!

Now that we’ve clarified authenticity, let’s define what a vintage wedding is and what a vintage styled wedding in Miami might look like. A vintage style wedding, though beloved, is often taken out of context. Yes, you can use a typewriter as a guest book and have old vase centerpieces, but often the most successful weddings in this style are of people who live somewhat ‘vintage’ themselves already. We could loosely define a ‘vintage’ lifestyle as owning and surrounding yourself with antiques, or objects from the past. Primary sources of history, not recreations or knock offs. The hope for a vintage wedding is that collecting these items will give off a certain vibe or aesthetic to the space. The most successful types of these weddings also incorporate its environment. Live in the midwest? Maybe hanging some mason jars and incandescent light bulbs from large, branching trees will give off a more eclectic country style compared to a decadent summer wedding in Boston. It really depends on where you live and how you can employ your surroundings to your benefit.

A vintage wedding in Miami would involve a lot of the vibrant colors reminiscent of south beach’s history. Sourcing this period as a color palette we can start to consider what type of decor to shoot for:


One of the most essential elements of a vintage wedding is lace. Whether that is a long-sleeved wedding gown or tablecloths be sure to look at lace patterns and textures when styling your day. You could also consider a variety of floral crowns, Juliet-style headdresses, or hair pieces. The maids of honor would wear similar lace patterns to compliment, and the men wearing classic suits and maybe even some suspenders. You can’t go wrong with gold in this setting! A great idea for the guys would be to wear an antique boutonniere.


You’ll want some full blooms of flowers to represent you and your loved one on your special day. To style your bouquet in a vintage way, try matching it with some pearls, a brooch, or even a cameo.


When it comes to decorating the ceremony one of the best techniques for styling a vintage wedding would be to tie in the family history. However, you can do it, whether it’s from old photograph reels, letters, or antique furniture left to the family try to get your loved ones involved. It’s a great way to save some money as well on extra decorations!


A lot of what contributes to the style of something are the pieces that don’t necessarily stick out to you. Adding more layers in this way will uplift the entire space. Try using vintage lights like old lanterns, candles, jars, and lamps. The lighting greatly affects the space so pay close attention to how the lighting might change when there are more people in the room. Floral decorations and hanging elements will always help.


Using antique gold vessels, fine china wear and classic fruit baskets are just some examples of some vintage tablescapes. You could choose to use old books, clocks or small instruments even to theme your table tops. You could go with more brass if it compliments the room, and if that doesn’t work then you can lean towards cooler tones like glass or ceramic pieces. The old wear and tear and handmade quality of objects will create a more authentic and stylized wedding.


You want to entertain and accommodate your guests, not only provide some stunning views. Hiring the right musicians to play your favorite tunes from a specific era would solidify the time period. Along with this ambience, a good move (if you can afford it) is to have a couple of couple classic cars visible upon arrival. Paired with people wearing the right clothes you are sure to nail the vintage style. Consider having an old guest book with a quill and ink pen rather than something more traditional.

It’s easy to see the endless creative freedom you have when styling a wedding. It doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming as much as it is collecting some sights and sounds from an era full of warmth and interaction. Perhaps some of the reasons for the trend in vintage weddings aligns with general nostalgia. Younger people getting married means that there are more couples that never got to experience some of the antiques and lifestyles of an older era. As time moves on, older eras and themes become newer to the next generations. There is certainly no fault with wanting a vintage style wedding regardless if you’re doing it authentically or not; it’s without a doubt an effective and fun format to ensure a classy and lovely wedding day. However, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and really connect to what it is that you enjoy the most in life. When it comes time to plan your actual day, it’s common and even recommended to seek out an event planner. If you’re in the Miami area and looking to plan a vintage wedding, the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove is a unique Miami wedding venue with an array of services to help craft the perfect day for you and your loved one.  

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