The Holy Grail Of Makeup

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The must-haves of today are on the market!

From foundations, mascaras, concealers, highlighters, and bronzers. You can find these essential products at your local drugstore lie CVS and Walgreens at an affordable price! Makeup is made for all-day wear with the ability to fight the elements.

Whether you are experienced or new to the makeup industry, there are the basic essentials that every makeup lover should have on-hand.

Face and Skin

For every beautiful face, there are products that will cater to your skin type and skin color. Before applying any makeup it is essential that you moisturize your face beforehand. Moisturizing keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.


Primers will be the next step. It can come in liquid and spray forms to effectively cover the parts of the face that will be exposed to the makeup. Facial primers prep and buff the skin so that that products like foundation can be applied smooth and easy. Do not stress about wrinkles! The primer will take care of any creases that can interrupt the beautification process.


For flawless looking skin, foundations will do the trick. You have the option between light coverage, medium coverage, and heavy coverage. The difference between these is how much the product will cover blemishes after a layer is brushed on.

Searching for a foundation that matches your skin tone can cause many to take a guess. If you do not have the ability to try the product against your skin and worst-case scenario you choose the wrong color, CVS and Walgreens have great return policies that allow you to return a product even if it is open.

There is a foundation that is made for people with extra oily skin and drier skin. It is important that you have a quality brush that will apply the foundation evenly and blend it well into your skin. When your foundation is put on properly, everything else added afterward will be smooth.


Contouring can come in powdered, liquid, and stick form. They are comprised of brown and tan colors. The darker color is for contouring your forehead, cheeks, nose, and jaw. The lighter color is to define your cheekbones and highlight places on your face that you want to accentuate.

Highlighter is applied to the front center of your forehead, under-eye above your cheekbone, and underneath your cheekbone along the outer part of your jaw.  Most contour palettes have their own highlighting colors to go with it.

Just like other skin makeup, you must find the right shade of brown and highlighting color for your skin tone. They each vary for people with a fairer skin tone, olive skin tone, and a darker skin tone.


Blush is a perfect finishing touch to your makeup routine. A light pink blush can enhance the cheeks to rosy perfection.


Highlighter is meant for the tip of your cheekbones, a tip of your nose and the cupids bow at the top of your lip. It creates a glistening effect on your face. In its own way, it defines and frames your face. Jerome Alexander’s highlighter is sold at an affordable price for everyone to benefit from.


Another must-have is eye makeup products. Eye makeup enhances the eyes in a way that gets rid of dark circles, tired-looking eyes, and brighten them.


Just like the facial primer, under eye primer combats the little wrinkles that can hide under your eyes. It fills them out for a smooth surface in order to apply eye concealer or eyeshadow underneath your eyes.


Concealer is a common favorite among the beauty industry because of the essential role it plays. It is applied underneath the eyes and out towards the cheekbone. Its function is similar to that of a highlighter; however, it is specifically for brightening the under eyes. It is best to use a concealer brush so that it is spread evenly and avoids a blotchy outcome.

A swift application of concealer can make a long and restless night look like a full night’s sleep! Most are small so they can fit into your purse for every part of the day.


One of the most creative parts of a makeup routine is that of eyeshadow. For a night out, you have the ability to produce flashy and colorful eyes. For those who prefer a natural eye look, simple contouring of your crease will emphasize your eyes. Eyeshadow creates depth in the eye and can just as well help in brightening the eyes.

Many eyeshadow palettes have neutral colors, primary colors, and glistening colors. The bright and shiny eyeshadow squares can be placed on the eyelid and in the tear duct of the eye for an awake effect. There are so many possible designs and accents that you can use to complement your eyes.


Mascara is the product that brings the eye makeup routine to a close. Mascara is a great addition to the eye that emphasizes the eyelashes. Long, voluminous, and defined eyelashes can be achieved by specific brushes that cater to different lash results.

Mascara is a definite must-have in your makeup bag to lift the eyes and bring out the blues, greens, and browns in someone’s eye.


The lips have been a hot topic since the ancient era. There are lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip tints that all create the perfect pout for your look. Lipsticks range in all sorts of colors to fit the overall color scheme of your face.

You can mix and match a bold red lip with a smokey eye, neutral-toned makeup and lip gloss, or a lip tint for an everyday rosy lip. These lip products help prevent a dull and washed out face. Any color can compliment

The main goal of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty. The makeup techniques used on your face will give you a killer look for every special event.  For those date nights, everyday makeup, and special occasions that you want to look your best grab these essential items.

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