Places That Will Make Your Goa Tour More Adventurous!

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Now that you’re finally going to cross of “Trip to Goa” from your bucket list, don’t you want to know what more than the beauty and exotic food Goa has to offer? We are further going to increase the adrenaline level in the brain by telling you the most amazing thrilling adventure to experience. Goa is so much more apart from its exquisite beaches in India. It is exclusively packed with thrilling adventures, waiting right at the corner. It is therefore popularly known as a Hub for tourist to party and relax; as a Miami of India in the few recent years.

Goa is now a prime attraction for visitors since it is embedded with some magnificent destination to explore. There are inimitable types of adventures that you just can’t miss out while your sojourn in this magical place. We cannot mention everything but we have made a small list of electrifying adventures for the Goa tour your planning. Surf through the options below:

A Trek To Dudhsagar Waterfall:

From a shot from the storyboard of Chennai Express, you’ve known this place and we bet you have wanted to go there ever since. The giant waterfall scene is the Dudhsagar waterfalls of Goa.  You undoubtedly want to go here now! But how? There are 2 ways to reach these falls:

First- reach Castle Rock Railway station and walk for 6-7 km and right after crossing a tunnel you will witness these mesmerizing Dudhsagar waterfall. It will be like entering into paradise.

Second- Another way is through the Dudhsagar Forest. After exploring via a trek for around 5-6 km, you will cross much beautiful water stream that would be the evidence that you are getting closer to your destination.

Wander into the land of Chorão:

Experience the authentic Goan culture with all the backwaters, water sports, Goan cuisines and what not! You can enjoy a boat ride through the backwater if you are interested in adventures like bird-watching or crocodile spotting. Trek through the island and explore new adventures and experience something that you have never been before. This is the closest you can get to explore the true essence of Goan culture. Fascinating enough? Add this place to your Goa tour’s adventure list.  

Windsurfing in the North:

You cannot come back home without experiencing this. Windsurfing is an amazing package of surfing and sailing. It might seem pretty cool but it throws challenges with fun as well. You have to be quick as it demands swiftness to surf along the waves of the sea with unsteady waves. It is a daunting water sport filled with excitement and enthusiasm. You can experience this sport, many places in Goa. Dona Paula Beach, Calangute, Colva, Palolem, Miramar, Baga, and Bogmalo Beach are the names of the northern coast of the state.

Rest of the adventure is endorsed through-out Goa. Now you are ready and packed with brimming ideas of things you can do for adventure. You can book in advance a massively adventurous Goa tour package for your vacation with this company so that you can go and begin the voyage with wasting any time. Click here to know more.

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