Learn 10 Interesting Fact About Cotopaxi: Why Its Must Visit Place

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10 Great Things About Visiting Cotopaxi National Park.


Traveling the world is the most beautiful thing a person can experience in their life-time. The planet earth, and Mother Nature herself, are filled with such positive and immaculate energy that the words them self sound so unspeakably lame. Only going out and experiencing the wondrous world with your own physical body will help you understand the beauty. Yet, nobody will ever be able to comprehend it fully. The mysteries of this planet are just the beginning to the mysteries of the universe. One of the most beautiful countries to travel to is Ecuador. Especially the Cotopaxi National Park, which is the home to a great volcano, Cotopaxi. This South American country is a go to travel spot for many reasons. I want to take the time to speak of ten reasons a person should visit Cotopaxi National Park. If you don’t already want to visit, I am hoping this article to convince you to head to the beautiful place.

1.Volcano Avenue.

It is called the volcano avenue because surrounding Cotopaxi are multiple other volcanoes.

  • Chimborazo volcano: Highest volcano in Ecuador at nearly four miles high.
  • Cuicocha volcano: This volcano is two miles high.
  • Imbabura volcano: Standing almost three miles high.
  • Reventador volcano: Towering just over two miles high.
  • Pululahua volcano: Not much shorter than Reventador, Pululahua stands at a couple hundred feet higher than two miles.
  • Pichincha volcano: Based in Quito, this volcano has access via teleferico and stands at two miles high.
  • Pasochoa volcano: This volcano stands at two and a half miles high.
  • Quilotoa volcano: A little shorter than Pasochoa, this one also stands at basically two and a half miles high.

You can visit all these volcanoes and a lot of them are still active. The Cotopaxi happens to be the twenty-sixth highest active volcano in the world. It actually last erupted in August of 2015. Being able to take Cotopaxi climbing tours gives you the excitement of climbing up something with active lava. That is exhilarating!

2. All the Tours!

There are so many tours you can take. Whether its a Cotopaxi climbing tours or an Ecuador trekking tours, you will always find something to do in nature. The Cotopaxi climbing tours take you up the side of an active volcano to experience the spectacular beauty Mother Nature has to offer. With the Ecuador trekking tours, you can hike all over this beautiful country. These Ecuador trekking tours are great and there are treks for beginners and experienced hikers.

3. Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Tours.

The Ecuador and Galapagos Islands tours

will take you to all the must see spots. If these Ecuador and Galapagos Islands tours are in your budget you will experience the beauty of the entire country with an experienced tour guide that knows the area as well as you know the back of your hand.

4. The Pan-American Highway.

Cotopaxi National Park is located right off the Pan-American Highway! This highway is known by travelers all around the world. Starting up in Alaska, this highway travels all the way down through Canada and the United States until it hits Argentina in South America. Being almost thirty thousand miles long, the Pan-American Highway enters Ecuador through the border of Columbia.

5. Camping!

You don’t need to only hike and bike to experience Cotopaxi National Park. The park also offers camping. Sleeping under the stars brings such peace to a human. So blissful.

6. Stamp That Passport!

There is a spot on the Cotopaxi volcano where you can get your passport stamped. Travels love doing this because it marks memories and locations of where they have been. It’s almost like getting a picture and autograph from your favorite characters at Disney World, when you were a child.

7. Plant Life.

When in love with Mother Nature you will appreciate the amazing plants that live in Cotopaxi National Park. With over 200 plants it could be endless plant spotting. Due to its height, the park has tons of green.

8. Animal Watching.

Ecuador’s national bird, the Andean Condor, lives in the national park and can be sited frequently. Other than just the condor, the park is also home to bears, foxes, wolves, rabbits, pumas and wild horses.

9. Surrounding areas.

There are many other places to visit in Ecuador other than just Cotopaxi National Park.

  • the Lagoon of Limpiopungo
  • the Lagoon of Santo Domingo
  • the Lookout of Sunfana
  • Pita River
  • Boliche Recreational Area
  • Mariscal Sucre Museum

All these places are must see places.

10. Landscape.

Due to the volcano erupting multiple times, it has left amazing rock formations and giant salt grain looking rocks. The beauty is endless.

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