Keeping elderly safe and sound this winter- Personal Alarms

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Winters are the most challenging weather condition. They can be very dangerous for the elderly. The chilly weather raises the chances for the elderly people to catch flu or have respiratory issues. It can increase your blood pressure and thicken the blood which bars up the chances of getting a heart attack. In order to keep you warm to deal with such harsh winter climate conditions; it is necessary for your heart to work harder and pump blood excessively.


It is recommended to stay inside the home and also get the aid with personal alarms for the elderly. This will ensure extra safety and assurance of monitoring them, in case they need it. They can ask for help whenever needed. There are multiple types of personal alarms available in the market.

Before moving further and tell you about the precautions elderly could take when at home. Prevention is everything, make sure to keep in mind the following tips:

-Don’t hurry:
This usually happens, when there is a ring bell at our door and no one to answer or when the phone rings. We rush to answer it and many times we fall. With elder people, there are increasing chances of such incident and with wider probability to have a serious injury after the fall.

Proper lighting:
Winters are the darker season as compared to summers. There are long nights and shorter days. Therefore it is essential that your home has proper light all the time so that you can see the obstacles clearly while moving around. There could be should be shoes or other things on the floor that might disbalance you.

-It is better to use sticks or walker– furniture should not be good to depend upon. Don’t forget to carry them around all the time.

About Personal Alarm:

Personal alarms are the device that allows a needful person to raise a call for help. You can totally rely on these advanced technologies that which would be there to ask for aid. They have emergency buttons which can directly alert the care team, which are available for 24-hours. Therefore you will have immediate response and help can come to them the soonest.  

These are useful under the following circumstance:
-Concerns about an unwanted visitor or a latent intruder.
-Detect fire and flood in-house or surround environment.
-Suffering from a fall or being unable to handle ourselves.

After assuring professional assistance for such circumstances, the elderly can stay at home independently. You would always worry less about them now as it improves the home safety and security. This also allows you to enhance the quality of life.

If you have made up your mind to get one for your home too, before the cold winter comes and increase the possibility of elder ones of your home to get sick, we have a solution for you. This company provides top-notch Personal Alarms for elderly, delivering extensive security and safety of them. Keeping a record of their health and well-being. They have a landline as well as mobile base alarms systems with 24/7 Connect Personal Alarm Service to keep you updated all the time. Check their website for more information.

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