How To Choose The Perfect Picture Frame

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Picture frames add the right spark to any picture. With the thousands of picture frames out there, there is so much customization and freedom to choose any size and design you want. Nowadays, no two frames are alike. The possibilities are truly endless. In this article, we are going to go through how to select the perfect frame but also explain the various options you have available to choose from. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Choose The Perfect Frame

As with any decor item, it is important to know where it will be placed in order to match the frame with its surrounding environment. The picture frame, depending on your taste, should reflect or complement the room’s color tone. The color tone includes the room’s wall color,  furniture color, ambient lighting, and floor color.

For example, if the room of your choice has a cooler tone with blue, brown, and white, then the frame should match.

Additionally, if you are looking to make a statement you could include a pop of color like orange or purple if you prefer. You can draw more attention to the photo if it’s accompanied by a busy and colorful frame. There is so much room to change, fiddle around and add whatever colors you feel works best. Your picture frame is no longer just a way to add some artwork to your walls, now it’s an important decor piece in the framework of your home.

Types of Frames

1. Traditional Frames

The standard wooden picture frame gives more of a traditional look and feel to your photos. The wooden borders can be an earthy dark wooden brown, rustic wood, weathered wood, or whatever color that you choose. The single wooden band that makes up your border can be thick or thin, depending on your desires and what works best with the photo. You have the option to choose a design on the wooden border or purchase a special design to give your frame some additional flare. This can range from a straight, wavy, and textured picture frame.

2. Modern and Abstract Frames

Picture frame companies have all sorts of abstract and modern picture frames to choose from. If you are looking for a more modern approach there are glass frames, acrylic frames, metal frames available. These also come in different shapes and designs. The acrylic and glass frames can be transparent and shaped like a box. Your picture is placed in the inside wall of the frame which gives the illusion that the picture is inside a clear cube. Some metal frames have a design and decor on the border whereas some do not have a border at all. The frameless picture frames place your photo against your preferred background like a metal frame to generate a firm and simple look. Other frames and borders have an abstract shape and unusual design that typically surprises most onlookers.

For The Holidays

For virtually any seasonal or religious holiday, there is a picture frame to go along with it. From Thanksgiving, Halloween to Christmas, Valentines, Easter, Hanukkah, New Years, even Labor Day, you name it, there’s a frame available. Picture frame brands and companies have an abundance of picture frames to show for it. The designs for some holiday frames can be flashy and bulky with molded objects around it. For example, some Christmas frames have a molded Santa Claus, ornaments, snow, and Christmas trees surrounding the frame. Others are more conservative with nice colors or painted Christmas designs on the border.

Frame Presentation

Instead of single picture frames, an array of multiple photos can be modeled. Within a frame, the customer can choose to have more than one picture presented in the border. Each photo can be arranged with 4 next to each other horizontally, vertically, or in a diagonal position, in a circle, etc. Some frames are created with an entire wooden base that stands multiple photos up in a display. These wide displays come in many different shapes and sizes and can have more of an abstract appearance. Nevertheless, the border and frame of a picture can bring life to the photo and room.

Art Frame

Art photos or paintings are wonderful candidates for a frame as well. A sense of freedom comes as a result of art. Some pieces of art may look best with a flashy frame, a conservative and simple frame, or no frame at all.  If the painting itself is a busy and colorful display, then the frame and border should not be as extravagant. A simple piece of art might just as well need a pop of color or complementary design. Depending on the artwork; however, it is all up to you how you want your picture and artwork frame to be presented.

Hanging Frames

Some frames and displays are placed on a table or use a flat surface as the resting place. Hanging picture frames and artwork brings character to a room. A hanging picture frame can be hung from its string against the wall or bolted in. Before purchasing a frame designed for a specific wall in your home, measure the length and width of the desired wall to know the size of the frame you should buy. Next, take into account its weight and the best way to hang the picture. Some pieces of artwork are made out of cloth or a paper material that tends to be so light it could be hung with picture hanging strips. Others need to be bolted into the wall. Metal, wood, and glass designs are heavier and can provide a beautiful display for your photos.

There are no rules for art and design. They differ from person to person and from photo to photo. Some people love a simple look, while others want a colorful blast of personality. Once the room has been chosen, try and imagine your desired frame already in the room. Visualize the color scheme, design, and the type of frame to have a general direction before you begin your search for picture frames and displays and find success. 

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