How Can A Reading Tutor Help Your 3rd Grader Child

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Did your 3rd grader was making an excellent progress in his or her reading skills in previous grades, but the progress seems to have obstructed? Well, that could be a sign of a reading issue. Don’t panic! This blog post shall give you a solution.

For students with reading disabilities, the issue does not always stop there. A  number of struggling kids also face trouble with skills such as comprehension, spelling, and writing. Reading is an extremely important part of a child’s intellectual and emotional development in the early stage of life. While there is a number of engaging activities parents can do at home to encourage the reading skills of their 3rd-grade child, the best choice toward developing strong reading skills is hiring an efficient reading tutor.

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Tutoring can definitely boost self-confidence, strengthen reading comprehension and most importantly build essential reading learning skills in a student. A reading tutor can provide individualized attention to your 3rd grader child that he or she don’t get in a crowded classroom. While there are several reasons to hire a reading tutor, this blog post shall tell a few clear signs you need to hire a reading tutor for your 3rd grader.


Unlike first and second grade, in 3rd-grade reading jumps to a high level. 3rd-grade kids are expected to apply their reading and phonics skills to an advanced level.  When you hire a private reading tutor for your 3rd-grade child, he or she will receive an individualized and unique reading experience that impossible to get in a classroom environment. A private reading tutor can customize the vocabulary, reading lessons and a number engaging activities just for your child. The reading tutor has a curriculum in place to address all the reading goals.


Working with a private tutor, you get to choose the hours that best suit your 3ed grade child. There are several good reading tutors available who are ready to come to your home in order to teach reading sessions. This helps the child to focus more, as they feel relaxed and comfortable that makes them more interested to learn more.


Reading on a regular basis will become a fun activity for your 3rd grade child with a private reading tutor. With constant appreciation and encouragement for improved vocabulary and increase reading comprehension, your 3rd grader will no longer feel stressed with reading at school.


It’s important to keep an eye for signs that your child is struggling with reading so that you can address the problem before it turns into something major. Here are a few signs:

  • Difficulty recognizing words or letters
  • Anxiety about reading
  • Losing interest in reading
  • The difficulty with writing and pronouncing out words


Is your 3rd grader struggling with vocabulary and reading issues? Do you think it’s the best time to hire an efficient reading tutor? What are you waiting for? The sooner you ask for help, the sooner your 3rd-grade child can improve his or her reading skills.

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