How beauty products impact our mind

How beauty products impact our mind

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Our mind is so powerful! It can impact our life in all ways. It can make us sick and makes us feel weak and helpless. Mental illnesses can challenge us our life long, with depression and anxieties. On the other side, our minds can push us to achieve our dreams. It can help us to be productive and efficient working for our goals. A strong mindset helps us to cope with challenges, stress, and losses on a more resilient level. 

Our mind fills us with emotions and feelings. Because of certain things we start to feel happy or sad and our mind is the main operator of it. 

We trick our mind

We can also trick our minds from time to time. As a student, you will know the strategy of motivating yourself to study or do an assignment with treats. We set a goal of writing five pages of a paper and if we achieve this we will eat some chocolate.

We say that we will work two days very focused and treat ourselves with a day at the lake.

We strengthen our mind

It is very helpful to strengthen our minds to be focused. People are doing exercises to stay fit mentally. People write diaries to cope with their thoughts. All around the world praying and meditating became a strategy to strengthen our minds and thoughts. 

We accept ourselves

By strengthening our minds, we strengthen ourselves, to accept who we are and what our purpose is. With self-consciousness, we can learn to accept ourselves, with a big nose, long face, small booty, or whatever it is. Our mind helps us to say: it´s ok how I look and I feel happy with it.

How materialistic things impact our mind

Our mind is influenced in so many ways. There are ways we don´t even understand and realize. People say that the constellation of the stars is impacting our mind and the weather can make us feel slow in the head. 

If we take a look at all products around us, we know that they impact our minds. The picture of your family in the living room might make you sentimental, happy, or thankful. The Ring on your finger reminds you of the love of your life every second. We have an emotional connection with most materialistic things around us and they impact how we feel and how we think.

How beauty products impact our mind

Taking a look at a very specific product like beauty products helps us to understand the structure of our minds a little better. Amanda Jo, Organic Bunny have shared great tips on switching from toxic to nature product.

Beauty products are having a very big impact on their users. Taking make-up as an example we feel good and beautiful with make-up. Researchers found out that more than half of the people wearing make-up feel more beautiful. 

Feeling beautiful is very important for your own consciousness, self-love, and happiness.

It is known that it is not important how we look but having the feeling of looking good and beautiful gives us a much more positive and strong mindset and attitude.

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