Hip Hop Dance Steps For Beginners

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Hip-Hop is a music form that’s taken the world by storm since it’s emergence from the underground in the early to mid-1980s; it’s had a lasting impression on western culture, influencing everything from fashion to film. Though this music touches on topics that not everyone understands or has experienced, which artists rap about, it has become a sensation which is still more prominent than ever. 

Another area where hip-hop has had a profound influence in the world of dance and choreography. Hip-hop and dancing go hand in hand with one another, it always had since it’s inception. Back then you had breakdancing on cardboard mats, then you had the crip-walk (you shouldn’t dance this one unless you want trouble) and now you have choreographers formulating steps and dances to hip-hop beats, which has intrigued many people to take hip-hop dance classes in Miami. There are many of these dances and dance studios that are specifically catered towards beginners; the following are those steps and dances.

There are many hip-hop dance classes in the Miami area that instruct beginner and advanced dances and steps to the public. Once one starts their classes at these dance studios, the instructor walks his/her students how to properly stretch before actually starting to learn these steps. Stretching is especially important in any activity that requires physical exuberance; stretching helps stretch and loosen up the muscles. One must stretch before and after every dance session to avoid being sore afterward.

After you’re done stretching, a student must warm-up to get the body prepared for the dance routines ahead. Push-ups, jumping-jacks, and walking in place helps the heart to get pumping and prepare the body. Before a student even starts dancing, the instructor will play some music and begin getting the student into a rhythm; this is important because any activity that requires physical exuberance, the body needs to get into a rhythm in order to perform the tasks effectively. After doing this, the students will start their dance class session. The following are some dance steps for beginners.

The Two-Step

This is the most basic of the basic dance moves taught at hip-hop dance classes in Miami; it’s plain jane. This dance step involves the students stepping from left to right in a rhythmic pattern to the music while flaying one’s arms in sync with one’s leg patterns. As stated, this is a very basic dance routine, but for those who are passionate about dancing, this is a very important dance to have in one’s arsenal of dances moves because if a dancer is easily able to learn and master the two-step, then you’re able to progress towards far more complex dance routines.

It’s important to master the basic dance moves. During concerts or professional expositions, improvisation is required because routines don’t always go as planned and dancers need to improvise so the show doesn’t bust. These dances work in steps; so, the next one up is…

The Monastery 

The Monastery is considered a classic move in hip-hop dance classes because of its lasting impact on hip-hop dance choreography. The monastery mostly involves chest and torso movements, along with the swaying of the arms in synchronicity with the torso’s movements. Synchronicity is very important in hip-hop choreography, or in all choreography for that matter because if they’re not, the entire dance routine is compromised and the entire team will look bad.

With the monastery, the dancer’s legs have to be in sync with the arms and torso as well. The torso is the lead, so to say, in this dance routine, the arms sway in the direction in which the torso is moving. In addition to this, the dancer must bend his or her knees in the same direction in which the torso and chest are moving. 

The Chest Pop

The chest pop is another essential move taught in hip-hop dance classes in Miami; this dance move really adds a wow-factor to the entire choreography with its impressive maneuvering. As the name of the dance move implies, the dancer pops his or her chest outward in the midst of their choreography.

In order to pop the chest outward, the dancers use their bodies’ natural breathing motion to pop their chest. The dancer inhales deeply through their mouths and arches their back and shoulders so their chest is pushed forward. Plenty of practice is needed to be put into the chest pop because it has to be done quickly in order to get that popping effect into the dance move.

The Criss Cross

This is a dance move for beginners exiting their beginner’s stage. Dancers really need to get warmed up for this one. One of the more exciting dance moves a dancer can add to their arsenal is the Criss-Cross. Though it might seem complicated at first, it’s not because it’s a dance for beginners taught in hip-hop dance classes. This dance move involves swift hopping from left to right; the dancer’s arms need to be in sync with your leg movements. As you hop up, the dancer will pull their arms inward towards their torso; when this is done, the dancer will cross their legs. This is a perfect dance move to perform in order to really get the crowd’s attention.

Hip-hop is awesome; you can relax it and dance to it as well. Every dancer starts somewhere and hip-hop choreography is an excellent place to start a hobby or a career. Like all dances, there are those steps for beginners and those for pros; going to hip-hop dance classes in Miami and getting training from instructors is the best way to learn and master beginner dance steps and it’s important to do so because if a dancer can master them, they’ll be able to excel in more complex dance steps and tying it all together into full choreography. Hip-hop is for everyone and if a dancer has aspirations for dance and choreography, they should start here.

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