Forget The Hassles Of Picking An Events Venue With These Steps

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We understand when someone says planning an event does sound fun but has its own stresses. When it comes to picking the venue, picking the catering, the food menu et al – it can get overwhelming if you do not have a team backing you up. But fret not as when it comes to choosing a venue these tips below should help you overcome the hassle and find the best banquet halls in Lafayette LA.

Whether you are planning a wedding, an anniversary celebration, birthdays or corporate get together, there are premium banquets for all purposes. There are a few aspects you need to consider before finalizing the banquet and we are here to help you do just that.

Here are a few factors you should keep in mind while planning to book banquet halls in Lafayette, LA.

Quotes and booking

One thing you should know that there are slim chances that you get to book a banquet hall in Lafayette, LA at very short notice. But this should not discourage you. This is just how banquet halls work as most of the classy venues are pre-booked for certain ceremonies, events et al. So be prompt and book your venue at least a month before. Yes, you can most certainly get last minute bookings of a banquet hall for your celebrations but this might only cost you more in the long run. Since you already have to manage budgets for organizing other things, being prompt with venue booking is always the way to go.

Banquet theme

While every banquet is generally a large hall with dedicated areas for gatherings to sit, eat, get pictures clicked, hangout et al – you need to decide whether the banquet – if it has a very neo-classical appeal – is it suitable for a birthday party? Or does this give you a more wedding-day appeal? Or if it is a corporate event, you might want to choose something that is not outdoors, and which can make it easy to make space for dedicated sections of your event. So choosing an enclosed or open space banquet area is your choice, as long as it fits the needs of the event. For example, a birthday party would be more fun in the outdoor whereas a corporate event would be better suited indoors to keep the event formal. It basically depends upon the tone of your event to decide the same.


By this we mean if the banquet hall can easily accommodate the attendees of the event. The size of the venue is one of the foremost things to be considered and it is always better if you pick from banquet halls in Lafayette, LA that are spacious and grand, while offering you some great price quotes on organizing your event. You can decide which venue would fit your guest list once you have all the RSVPs, but it is always better to book a banquet hall that has 1/4th times more space than needed.

So make sure your book a venue in advance to get the best quotes from any banquet hall in Lafayette, LA or anywhere in the States. If possible, and you are able to get the dream venue for a grand celebration, we would suggest if you consider moving your dates a bit further and getting a great deal out of it at the end. This would also give you time to prepare even further.

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