Do you have an emotional connection with your coffee mug?

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I know it sounds a tad bit crazy, but that’s the untold story that we all have a personal favourite coffee mug that we would probably never want to share or let others use. And even if someone gets their hands on it, we sulk.

Let’s talk about why a simple coffee mug can mean so much to us and why you should consider getting a home goods coffee mugs that are handmade!




Handmade coffee mugs created on order or to add that custom touch to it is all the rage right now. And that is because hand made goods was in wide demand around the world.

The mug signifies your bond with a person

We like drinking almost every beverage from that favourite coffee plate and mug of ours. Probably beause the mug was gifted to us by someone near and dear and you guys now share a bond becuase of this simple mug. I had this yellow coffee mug which was not exactly gifted to me, but was my roomate’s property and she would always get me coffee / tea in that mug, hence I became used to it. So when she was leaving town and packing up, I asked her if I could keep that mug of hers because, frankly I ended up using it more often and I knew she never minded it. She knew how much I liked using it. So exchanging stuff like this was always a very endearing moment for us wherein we definitely created a bond stronger than the way it was when we started living together.

The mug reminds you of a special memory

You might have a special home goods coffee mug that you either brought on a special occasion or was given to you on a special day. Or may be it was just the gesture that made you feel special. I was volunteering as a substitute teacher in a primary school a couple of years back. When I was done with my course, and it was my last day, some of the kids got me a coffee plate and mug set which was pink in color and had a little spoon too. It was the gesture that made me feel so special and fulfilled that I probably did a good job. So that cute little coffee plate and mug set reminds of that memory of being with those little ones and spending great moments having fun in the classroom.

Its a part of your mindful morning routine

I brought this brown coffee mug as an impulsive purchase and I make sure to have my morning coffee in that mug only, unintentionally. If it is lying in the sink, I would make sure to wash it quickly and have my morning coffee in it. It’s become more a routine that helps me have a mindful morning! And you can’t deny how important your morning coffee routine is, if you have one!

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