Benefits Of Having TV Wall Frames

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There are always new decorative innovations being introduced onto the market that serve more than one purpose other than making your living space look nice. Newer sleeker home entertainment appliances provide lots of innovative wall decor ideas that are catching the interest of many homeowners due to their multi-use aspect.

One of these newer efficient innovations is the TV wall frame. Acting as a decorative border to people’s flat-screen TVs, these innovations benefit the homeowner whether the TVs turned on or not. This TV wall decor invention will be the subject of this article. Having already captured the interest of many homeowners, people should ask themselves if they can benefit from this decorative appliance.

TV wall frames have become highly demanded decor appliances within the last few years. This solid wood frame borders the television, giving it and the room, a warm elegant touch. Wooden TV frames serve multiple purposes other than looking nice, respectively; these benefits are ones that can benefit any home as well as any homeowner and their family. The following list will highlight some of these benefits which can affect your home’s decor and aesthetic.

Different Styles & Colors

One aspect of wooden TV frames that makes it such an appealing appliance is its stylish versatility in living spaces. Manufacturers produce these frames in a variety of woods and shades which can suit any living space and the decor that’s already implemented there. Some of the woods available are Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, and Maple, all of which can be painted to suit the homeowner’s preference and the essence of the living space.

These frames also make good wall decor ideas because you can decorate around the frame. Your flat-screen TV will be the focal point of the wall, so it’ll be easy to decorate around the TV or leave the wall as it is.

Sound Amplification

The wooden TV frame helps amplify the sound coming from the TV’s speakers making the sound louder and even clearer without the need to turn the volume up to blasting levels. The frame doesn’t lie flat on the wall bordering the TV set, instead, the frame rises a couple of inches from the wall. So, when the TV is playing, the sound will be projected directly towards the audience instead of leaking out into the surrounding areas.

This makes things a lot easier for people who are watching their favorite show or movie. Now, people who are sleeping, studying or doing other tasks won’t be disturbed because the volume won’t have to be turned up to excessive levels, deafening the surrounding areas.

It Hides The TV’s Cords & Wires

Parents will love this feature of wooden TV frames. Loose wires or television cords can be very hazardous for young children running around the living room. As the flat-screen TV is wall-mounted and there’s now a frame around it, there shouldn’t be any trip hazards in the house anymore. The frame itself hides the cord preventing them from peeking out into view, which can be an annoying sight if a movie or office presentation is on.

It Can Be Used In Any Environment

It was mentioned above about the TV frame’s decorative versatility, but apart from coming in a variety of different styles and colors, these wooden TV frames can be implemented onto any room making for great wall decor ideas. Depending on the frame you choose, they can perfectly suit a bedroom, living room, or office space.

Some frames are designed for private and cozy environments like the living or bedroom; these frames usually come in darker hues, which have a homey feel to their aesthetic. While some manufacturers offer sleeker frames, laminated and painted in more vibrant colors which give them a shiny metallic look which is perfect for an office or any other professional environment.

It Eliminates Unwanted TV Furniture

A very appealing aspect of wooden TV wall decor is that it eliminates the use of furniture in the proximity of the television. Of course, when a flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall, you don’t need a stand or furniture set keeping the TV at eye-level. In addition to this, the frames sound amplifying feature eliminates the need for a surround sound system, unless a home theater is being built.

Eliminating excessive furniture declutters the living space, making more room and making the television the centerpiece of the living room where the TV is located or if the television is mounted in an office space, presentations and video conference meetings will go uninterrupted with distractions.

In Conclusion

Wooden TV frames are made for great wall decor ideas; there are endless possibilities that can come about when a homeowner implements this appliance into their living space. Wooden TV wall decor offers many benefits to homeowners and office managers making this product a highly demanded appliance in the realm of decor. These TV frames fit perfectly into living spaces and office environments. Their benefits extend much further than a clever TV frame; they’re beneficial whether the TV is turned on or not.

These frames wrap around the TV; the border extends to a few inches from the wall which amplifies and projects the wall’s sound forward towards the audience instead of the surrounding area. Homeowners will no longer need to turn the television to its max levels in order to properly hear what’s going on in their favorites movie or television show, which makes for a more relaxing and tranquil living environment.

These TV frames also hide their wires, which eliminate the unsightliness of seeing wires and cords while the movie or presentation is playing. This aspect also eliminates a potential trip hazard if a homeowner has children and they’re running around in the living room. But most of all, these wooden TV frames act as a perfect addition to any living space or office environment. The wooden frame is a lovely addition to the room which looks like a painting when turned off or it centers the eye when turned on.

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