5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Promotional Models At Trade Shows

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Are you wondering how to make your business brand stand out at your upcoming trade show? At a trade show, every person at the event IS your target audience, so how does your business plan on winning the customers’ attention instead of your competitors? I have three words for you, trade show models!

Trade show promo models are exactly what your business needs to go the extra mile for your clients! Let me tell you why.

Beauty & aesthetics

Promotional models are expected to embody the message of your company. They are expected to dress nice, look attractive, and be pleasant and appealing at all times during the job. These individuals are going to be good looking males and females with high energy personalities. It’s important for trade show models to accurately fit their role as a promotional model because they serve as eye candy for the booths and help draw clients in their direction. One thing we know in this day in age is that beauty sells! Most agencies have hundreds of models that your business can choose from to accurately fit the vibe of your event.

Less stress on employees

A lot of hard work goes into planning a trade show, and it can be exhausting for owners AND employees. Sometimes when people work on preparing something for such a long time, the desire to just finish the task at hand is much stronger than the desire to finish it well. You don’t want your employees walking around the event looking like Grumpy from the Seven Dwarfs!  Imagine your employees demonstrating your product for the 200th time in front of a crowd and the energy is getting lower and lower until potential customers start browsing at other booths. All of these worries are thrown out the window when trade show promo models are added into the equation. A fast competitive environment like trade shows requires someone with high energy and an engaging/positive personality. Not to mention you want your company to portray a sense of professionalism, especially at trade shows. With trained promotional models at your service, professionalism will be easier than ever to achieve.

You don’t want your employees promoting your brand like this!


Trade shows are an extremely effective way to market your company because every attendee is your target audience. A lot of the time, the hardest part of advertising is trying to figure out how you can get in touch with your ideal customers, and that is eliminated during trade shows, so what do you need to reach your potential customers? Engaging trade show models who are trained to know your business talking points and corporate culture. These trade show models will be able to make one-to-one connections with your target audience by being enthusiastic and personal. They can work the floor space and walk around handing out flyers, entice possible customers to visit the booth or ask people to complete a survey. On the other hand, they can work the classic booth and hype up arriving customers, while informing them of everything the company has to offer.

Trade Show Promotional Models Personality

I know I already said a few things about the typical personality traits of trade show models but I’m going to touch on it a little bit more because it’s much more than getting pretty models to hype up the potential customers. Trade show models specialize in the art of interacting with clients and brand promotion. When you choose to use promo models at your trade show you are creating a live interaction and experience between the buyer and seller. Customers can see the demonstrations and feel the sincerity from the models. Not only their looks need to be spot on but their personalities need to be as well. You can expect models to be eager, passionate, personable, ambitious, and persuasive. The models’ personalities are specifically chosen for each event to attract the target customers passing by. It’s a delicate system; one you may not even realize is there if you don’t know to look for it! Are you reading this and thinking “Hey! I have all these traits and would be the perfect promo model.”?

If you’re interested in becoming a trade show model you can go to an event staffing agency and apply! Well-respected agencies offer models for conventions, trade shows, fashion shows, demonstrations and more! Additionally, some of the best agencies staffed hundreds of trade shows across the country and have thousands of models available in their database for any type of event. Unlike most event staffing agencies you have the opportunity to hire one model for an extended job. Meaning, whether you want several models for a single job near you, or one specific model to travel with you to multiple events, the best agencies can put you in contact with the right person for you.

Unexpected perks

While models are out engaging with customers, handing out samples, and completing demonstrations they might meet some CEO’s or business people who need something they have to offer. By giving these models a temporary job your company is also allowing them to network and meet business people who could benefit them later on in life! The models aren’t the only ones who have the opportunity to network, businesses have the opportunity to grow their contact list, make new connections with businesses, and construct collaborations.

I’m sure I’ve convinced you it’s a good idea to invest in trade show models by now, but just in case I haven’t I have a few last-minute tips for you and your business! Promotional models could be considered a middle man for the products from the seller to the buyer. This is a great time for the model to intervene and make a connection with potential clients, their personalities are perfect for making new connections quickly. This way models can communicate with the customers and make them feel enthused and safe about your products and services before sending them over to the seller. Don’t wait to invest in promotional models… your competition won’t.

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