4 Must-Haves for Women Over 40

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Women over 40 need not restrict themselves to a particular niche. It’s okay to experiment with your looks and see what suits your personality and body both. We have been told by men to dress according to our age all our lives. It’s time we do our bit of smashing patriarchy and showing them it’s all about embracing our changing bodies and dress according to what flatters it the best and not what they think is appropriate for us. Here are some dresses for women over 40 who are ready to conquer the world.

Fit and Flare Dresses

Fit and flare dress is the kind of dress that falls perfectly under summer clothes for women over 40 as it flatters every body type and will continue to stand the test of time as it has been around for many generations now. This kind of dress that will give your body an illusion of hourglass figure as its flattering cut accentuates the waist by slimming it down and the flare at the bottom provides the hips a bit of a wiggle room. Most women love this particular kind of dress because it fits the body in the right places. The trick is to wear the length that ends just below the knee for it to look more glamorous. Fit and flare dress is apt for most occasions, be it formal or informal.

Shift Dress

The shift dress is famous for being a fuss-free dress, it is effortless and hangs elegantly over the figure. Shift dresses usually suit those with a rectangular figure. It’s a perfect dress in every way, be it with mobility or day to night versatility, shift dress conquers it all. This kind of dress is easy, comfortable and allows a breathing room. A perfect alternative to tight-fitting silhouettes and fits the list of dresses for women over 40.

Flared Denim

Minimal effort yet bold and fun, that’s what flared denim is for you. Being 40 plus in no way means you should leave the fun you behind, flared jeans should be a perfect fit for you as it speaks class and funk, both in the same language which is difficult for an outfit to achieve. Flared denim is successfully running in the league of summer clothes for women over 40. It adds instant length to your legs and looks quite fresh. It successfully made its way back and is definitely not leaving anytime soon.

Long Coat

Long coats are dramatic yet sophisticated. It helps you in achieving that perfect formal look while it also enables you to give you a chic vibe in your LBD. Long coat adds a few inches and glams up your outfit instantly. A long coat is a timeless piece and has been here for the longest time. Be it jeans or trousers; it goes with almost everything. One of the few tricks you can apply to look more ravishing is that you can roll up your sleeves to give that edge to your outfit. Another trick would be to cinch it around your waist and provide a silhouette for your body.


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