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Exclusive interview with Seth Tzvi Rosenthal about the importance of positive intentions and mindfulness

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Working extended hours without any intermission is creating stress and decreasing the efficiency for most of the workers. Studies have shown that numerous people in Japan and other countries have been observed knocked on the floor because of work anxiety. People work a lot, but the work loses its quality and people lose themselves.This problem is growing every day because of a low income and high expenses for the basic needs. 

Balancing work-life is very important. Often people rush to make money and ignore their health. Sometimes it’s too late to realize that authentic wealth is good health, a happy family, and satisfaction of being a humble human being.

Meet Seth Tzvi Rosenthal, founder of Ohm- water, dedicated to bringing a positive intention and spreading awareness for the importance of mindfulness. Today, they’re with us to share some of the tips that can contribute insight to achieving wellness in every individual around the globe. 

Hello Seth Tzvi Rosenthal, we’re thrilled to have you in our media. Please share some tips that can help our audience to achieve positivity.

Thank you for the invitation. I’m happy to be here. Many people strive to bring positive thoughts that will keep them motivated towards their goals. If we tell our minds that everything is going to be OK, then we experience that atmosphere. Over-thinking negative things makes it difficult for many people to overcome the barrier. And we have even seen that it sometimes brings people to the state of suicidal decisions.

Making a list of things that you’re grateful for, is the no.1 way to bring positive intentions. This makes us conscious of things and gives us reasons to keep moving progressively. 

Practice positive affirmation every morning and evening. That will support you to prevent negative impressions.

Happiness plays a vital role in bringing positivity to our life. Spend time with your friends and family. Share your joy and when you feel there is something inside you lowering self-esteem, ask for their support & advice. 

How to practice mindfulness?

With the ability to do multiple things at the same time with accessible technology, we are losing moment-by-moment experiences. It’s essential to our human brain to be aware of the presence. It benefits us to increase creativity and sixth sense.  

These are the easy steps to practice mindfulness.

  • If possible sit crossed-legged on a floor
  • Focus on your breathing and sensation around your body
  • Be calm and try to avoid anger, frustration
  • With a peaceful mind experience the things around you
  • Try different metaphorical ways to focus on the presence

To find more tips on positive intention and mindfulness, please check Seth Tzvi Rosenthal website: http://www.ohm-water.com/

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