Navneet Kaushal

Exclusive Interview With Navneet Kaushal, Founder & CEO of PageTraffic

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Starting a website is easy but generating traffic to maximize the sales is not smooth. With over 1.5 billion websites around the globe, the competition to rank new sites with a targeted keyword is considerably high. Without engaging visitors, it’s impossible to accomplish success in any kind of online business. The first stop for most of the website owners/ bloggers for traffic is social media. It is a fabulous medium to express thoughts but it requires a massive following & advertising budget to drive sales. 

It’s certain, managing a website without traffic is stressful. But with appropriate SEO strategies, anyone can boost visibility & attract potential clients. Playing with the rule, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ( SEO) will honor businesses with long-lasting online visibility and rushing with black hat techniques can ban the site permanently.

Enter Navneet Kaushal, the CEO and Founder of PageTraffic, leading search engine strategist, and contributor to various authority global sites (SEMRUSH, Business2community, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Today, and more) dedicated to helping his clients to skyrocket website traffic & strengthen the revenue.

Navneet and his team have spent the last 18 years helping more than 7000 plus businesses from all around the world. What’s most impressive about Navneet is his unique approaches for building a thriving business and drive to educate people about the importance of search engines.

Hello Navneet, we’re thrilled to have you on our media. What made you leap into entrepreneurship?

From a young age, I discovered an interest in computers and the Internet. I was fascinated with the system of conveying services online and the astonishing result it presents to the business. The concept of building a website and ranking it on search engines, making it effortlessly accessible for the clients enticed me towards starting PageTraffic in 2002.

At that time the minority of business owners were familiar with the advantage of digital marketing and it was challenging for individuals to accept the need for SEO. During that period, we were one of the few service providers available in India. Commenced as a grassroots business we developed to presently operating from various locations including Chicago, New Delhi, Mumbai and Noida. 

What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

Primarily businesses are built on a strong foundation of quality services to the customers. We additionally focus on becoming refreshed on a day to day unavoidable information and techniques. It is important to always be up to date on all channels. I can undoubtedly share with you that numerous digital markets follow us to comprehend and adapt to the latest trends and strategies that works.

What tips would you share with new business owners to boost their visibility online?

Usually, the businessperson understands the niche and I recommend content marketing and SEO. 86% of B2C enterprises use content marketing as their main advertising strategy. In case, you’re not able to write content, take advantage of freelancing platforms. However do ensure the content which goes online is amplified as well. 

Please don’t fall to 100’s of quick backlinks to boost the ranking in a day or two. It damages the site and unfortunately, individuals have to rebrand the business. SEO and link building is not about quantity but more about quality.

Also investing your time for personal branding will be one of the rewarding long term marketing strategies. Customers like to know about the person behind the service/product. This will build a loyal following of clients and potentially creates space for selling high-ticket products in the future. If you have a budget, I recommend trying influencer marketing for quick results.

How can small businesses maximize the result in 2020?

Invest in SEO, it’s the cheapest form of marketing. Also focus on sharing content in a video format via social media. It has the power of creating engagement and good storytelling can maximize the sale. The continuous flow of appealing content will help to maintain the company’s influence.The best platform to start uploading the long video content is the no brainer, YouTube. It will not only create awareness about the brand but also increase the website traffic.

The next advice is to optimize your site for mobile usage and speed. Maintaining a website and promoting it through a diverse medium is admirable but presenting it mobile-friendly is essential, because the majority of potential customers are checking the services and products (the websites of your business) on their phones. Having a high quality appearance adapted to mobile phones will activate and attract the clientele. Similarly Google has several time emphasised on the importance of speed as a ranking factor, so ensure your site opens fast on desktop as well as mobile.

Last but not least I would say that having a strong and close network with similar businesses is very important nowadays. Being connected with various people and companies is a way to continuously evolve, develop and adapt your business to current events and changes. For this, being active on Linkedin is something you should always do.


It was amazing to learn some of the marketing tips from Navneet Kaushal. We hope reading his answers has helped you to make plans and implement the strategies to your own company. To get additional tips or to have a marketing plan that will help you to create a thriving business, reach out to him via his official website: where his firm offers SEO, web designing and social media marketing services.


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