Morgan Brady Helping Women Rewire Their Minds

Morgan Danielle Helping Women Rewire Their Minds

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Tell me about your background and how I ended up choosing my field.

After struggling with toxic relationships for 12 years of my life I began an incredible healing journey that allowed me to heal the root cause & completely rewire my mind to release my toxic relationship patterns & create a beautiful life and once I was able to do that for myself I knew I wanted to share that with as many women as possible.

3 biggest tips I can give to people as it relates to my industry

-Pinpoint the trauma that you experienced in childhood so that you can begin to heal from it… our relationship patterns are a reflection of what we experienced between ages 0-7 and we must reprogram the limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms that we developed to keep us safe
-Get out of victim mentality
Victim mentality is going to be your downfall and will keep you stuck… by taking responsibility for your thoughts actions and ultimately your life you will be Able to create the relationships and the life that you want
Setting boundaries is key for gaining self esteem & respect… when we set boundaries it trains people how to treat us. It raises our self esteem, and it completely transforms the way we think and feel about ourselves because we are taking our power back and recognizing what we do and don’t want.

How do you differentiate yourselves from others

I would differentiate from others in my field because I am all about healing the root cause, I take my own personal experience of toxic relationships, my NLP, internal family systems, and reiki certificates and have created a process and program that is unlike any other. I have so much personal experience and can relate with my clients on such a deep personal level, it really allows us to connect, create a safe space, and be vulnerable to receive the healing they need.

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