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Melissa Withers Makes $30K A Month Traveling Around The World

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This is the generation where we believe we have to do what we love and monetize it. If you are reading this you have got one of the most powerful tools ever called “Internet”. Millions of people are using it and selling their product online every single day. Which is giving us the freedom to travel around the world, spend more time with families and enjoy life without worrying being late at work or staying on the store to sell a product. Now we can be at any part of the world selling course/ service worldwide.

There are several tool that can help us to automate online business which decrease effort, error and manage complexity. Being an online entrepreneur gives us an opportunity to live our life the best possible way we imagine plus making money when we are sleeping. We interviewed Melissa Withers a very successful online entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist.

Hello Melissa, We are excited to interview you and share your thoughts to our readers. Please tell us a little bit on how you ended up in coaching and digital marketing.

Melissa Withers : Hey everyone, my name is Melissa Withers and I’m an online entrepreneur, digital marketing specialist and global traveler. I help people build profitable lifestyle businesses by tapping into a 90% automated affiliate marketing platform so they can work and play from anywhere in the world.

I’ve always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I remember trying to sell my parents drawings that I had done and concert tickets to self-performances by Aqua in my bedroom when I was about 10 years old. Since then I’ve continued to strengthen the skill, starting 8 of my own companies and then transitioning into online business and mindset coaching.

What is the one mantra that you live your life by? How do you balance your daily work and life?

Melissa Withers : The biggest regret most people have when on their deathbed is all the things they didn’t do, the chances they never took, and the dreams that were never realized. So as silly as it sounds, my mantra literally is “screw it, let’s do it” – I believe in living the fullest life possible and making the most of every single day.

When it comes to work and life balance, I really do feel like they are one and the same for me. I teach and breathe automation in business, so that I have the time to do more of what I really love. When I do work it’s generally on my laptop in a cool cafe or next to a pool. My biggest advice around balance is to find something you are so truly passionate about, that even when you are working, it still doesn’t really feel like work.

What would you say was the single most influential factor in your business’ success?

Melissa Withers : That’s a great question. I would say the single most influential factor to my current success has been failure. I have no fear of failure. I believe that the quicker you can fail, the quicker you can move forward. Until you have tried different things to experiment with what you truly enjoy and want to pursue, it’s easy to become stuck within the comfort zone of what you’re currently doing. Don’t’ be afraid to try new things, to put yourself out there, and to figure out what it is you want to do. Also, don’t be afraid to change your mind or your direction. We are flexible, adaptable beings, and growth and evolution should be a constant part of your development.

What advice would you give to someone asking for advice about becoming an online entrepreneur?

Melissa Withers : There are two ways to make money online when you’re pursuing digital entrepreneurship: selling your own products/services, or selling those of another. Experiment, try different things, keep an open mind and ALWAYS be coach-able. So many people miss out on incredible opportunities because of their rigidity to what they think they should be doing, or their insatiable need to control the how. When you consider the vast number of twists and turns that life presents to us every day, you’ll learn that mother nature really is much smarter than you are. Trying to control every single outcome in your life is not only a recipe for disaster, but also blocks off so many other amazing ways that things could manifest in your life.

How can you be reached if someone wants to learn more from you?

Melissa Withers : Absolutely! My main focus at the moment is helping as many people as possible to build a freedom lifestyle through automation. I can be reached through:
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