Meghan Layne, Life Coach & Song Leader

Meghan Layne, Life Coach & Song Leader

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1. Tell me a little bit about your background and how you ended up choosing your field.

This field of work is really a deeper calling for me. I came from very difficult circumstances and struggled a lot in my younger adulthood. I suffered from depression and anxiety, and struggled to make progress towards a better career and achieve the dreams that I had. Internally I was just a mess! Haha! So I really devoted my life and all of my free time to growing spiritually and learning the tools to better my life. I found some amazing mentors who taught me the power of mindfulness, how to improve my thoughts and emotions, and how to actually take action on the things I wanted until I eventually got to the point where I am now, which is happy, healthy, confident, have achieved a lot of the things I wanted to achieve, and most of all I have a sense of inner peace that is really wonderful. I’ve always had an interest in and a passion for helping other people. And being able to help people through life’s hard times and help people achieve the things they want to achieve, whether in love, relationships, finding inner peace, finances, or career, just really feels like what I was meant to do in this lifetime.

2. How did you deal with push back from family or friends concerning your entrepreneurial pursuits?

 A lot of people give their warnings and advice based on things they don’t really know anything about simply because they would be too afraid to do it and because they don’t have the skills to be able to do it. And I like to remember that when they offer their well-meaning-cautions. One of the things that I feel really lucky for is that because of the nature of my work – working on the internal mindset, thoughts, and emotions in order to better my life – I have the ability to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship very well. Not that it’s easy by any means, because it’s not. But I know how to not freak out when something doesn’t work the way I had hoped. I know how to not give up when I don’t see results right away. I know how to stay committed to the bigger vision even when things seem to be failing miserably. I know how to manage the drama in my head so that I don’t cave in and give up. Most people don’t have the ability to do that. Which is why I think being a Life Coach is awesome, because I know how to create any experience I would like to experience in my life.

3. What is the one mantra that you live your life by?

It’s okay to be human and feel down sometimes. The down times don’t define who you are as a person. 🙂

4. What is your business all about?

I am a Life Coach that helps people improve all areas of their life. I offer valuable tools to help navigate life’s most difficult circumstances with more mindfulness, awareness, and positive action in order to get the results they’re after. I’ve helped a lot of people with different things. I’ve helped people with depression and anxiety reduce their symptoms and feel more at peace and happy on a regular basis. I’ve helped people who are going through divorce not be so negatively impacted by it and create and happy healthy life after divorce. I’ve helped people get out of career ruts and pursue their passions. I help women lose weight by helping them to stop overeating. I’ve helped people heal family relationships and save their relationships with their partners. And I also help women who are suffering from sexual issues like not enjoying sex with their partner, feeling pain, numbness, emotional and physical discomfort around sex, etc.. So it seems like a lot but it really is about some basic tools and skills that I teach clients that allows me to help people with so many facets of life.

5. How can you be reached if someone is interested in your products or services?

People can find me on Facebook, via my website, or just sending me an email.

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