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Jennifer Morilla: What Does It Take To Be An Impact Travel Blogger?

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‘I am not your typical travel blogger. I call myself an impact travel blogger because I travel for purpose and impact. All my trips are purpose driving. Yes, I show you where to go and what to do in certain countries but I also give you some truthful insight into what is happening around the world. I work with socially, sustainable, and eco-conscious brands. My work is extremely intentional.‘ – Jennifer Morilla

Hello Jennifer, we are excited to share your story with our readers. Please, tell us a little about yourself and your work.

I’m born and raised outside of NYC in NJ. Literally right across the Hudson River. My parents are Cuban Immigrants who came here when they were young. Growing up I was told I had to have ‘all my boxes’ checked meaning I needed to go to school, then college, get a good job, get married, buy house and have kids. Live the ‘american’ dream. I did go to Uni and I did get a Masters and then I got a job in NYC where I was working for a marketing agency for about 3 years. I was really unhappy about where I was in life. I wanted to do something different with my life. Both my parents are entrepreneurs. I knew I always wanted to start my own business eventually. I just didn’t know what. After 3 years of working in NYC after My Masters I quit my job. I just started traveling and creating content. I didn’t know how I was going to be a ‘blogger’ I just knew I wanted to try.
I believe we are the creators of our own happiness. So i did just that. created a life I wanted to live and be proud of. Before all of this, in my last year at uni I lost a close family member, that truly changed my perspective on life.

Could  you share the initial obstacles you had to overcome on your journey to become an entrepreneur?

1- listening to others and the ‘noise’. I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing. I didn’t want anyone to stop me from quitting my job and just traveling the world. I knew that if I told friends and family they would stop me. Not because they wanted to stop me from growing but because they didn’t understand what I was doing. That i needed to do this for myself.
2- my tribe- I lost a lot of friends. ended a lot of relationships. It’s important to surround yourself with people that BELIEVE and trust you. Also, people how are positive. That isn’t some BS, ‘woo woo’ thing, its FACT. Surrounding yourself with positive people will bring you more positive outcome.
3- moving forward anyways. On days where you don’t think what you’re doing is working. Not listening to that negative voice and continuing to move forward anyways. You will have bad days. that’s normal. Nothing wrong with that. You just need to keep pushing through.


We are entering an era where everyone is interested in multiple income streams. How does one decide on a business to pursue? 

This is a good one. I don’t make money just off brand work. There are DEF multiple streams of income. As of now I have 4 streams of income in my business and its only the beginning. This is super important because I am not selling one thing, I’ve created a brand that represents something (one thing) multiple ways. It hard for people to wrap their heads around how I make money and make what I do work. I get it. It’s hard.But you need to keep an open mind.


How can people follow your journey?

You can find me on:

social media: @thesocialgirltraveler


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