I’m a female thought leader who completely loves men and desires that they be free from societal oppression, condemnation and taking the blame for women.

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“Success to me is living a life of authenticity doing that which brings me fulfillment and joy. To be successful, I must remain true to whom I am, which means I don’t compromise my desires or what I’m worthy of receiving. It means having a clear ‘YES’ in life. I am always aware of my choices in business and in life and this is key to making decisions from the heart, not out of obligation or expectation”. –Colette Milazzo

Hello Colette Milazzo, we are excited to interview you and share your story with our readers. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

I have always had a fascination with understanding the intricate workings of the heart, soul and mind. How those combine to form the expressed self and thus shape the dynamic of the relationships people find themselves in and surrounded by.

Relationship to self and therefore to others (God included) is the heart of life. But what if that heart is disconnected? What if that heart is lost? What if that heart is broken? What then?

Compassion is a natural lens through which I view others. Combined with my innate ability to see the unseen in them, I understand the human connection. I understand the relationship to self and it’s centrality to the human experience. I understand how insecurity, fear and shame sabotage one’s view of self and thus the image presented to others.

I was born with this knowledge. It’s etched in my soul. I did choose my field, but truthfully it chose me first.

I have always comprehended that which daunts others, that which confuses, that which alludes. And I love to share the truth that sets others free.

People naturally gravitate towards me. They naturally trust me with their deepest heart secrets, and rightfully so because I am the safest soul they’ll ever meet!

This exchange of heart, of pulling back the veil allows people to experience the freedom they have sought for their whole life. And in that place of loving acceptance and freedom, they engage confidence from within that they have never experienced with such authority. This result of being a student of my work, so to speak, has proven itself time and time again.

I am here for this purpose: to reconnect a man to his heart – to who he really is so that he can fulfill the purposes for which he came.

And like unto, I am here to teach women the truth about confidence, true feminine power, and embodied sexuality – all of which come from within when a woman reconnects to who she really is.

How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

Colette Milazzo: This makes me laugh! Just a quick read over my writings and you can see I’m no ordinary anything.

I’m a female thought leader who completely loves men and desires that they be free from societal oppression, condemnation and taking the blame for women. And I completely love women and want them to know they have always had the power within them, have never needed anyone outside of them to validate them and that they have what it takes to fully embody confidence and to own their sexuality.

I talk about sexuality and identity and teach that embodying your sexuality from a place of security in your identity is your most natural state of being. It’s the innate state of connection and flow.

I am a muse. I live what I teach. I embody sexuality and confidence on display for the world to see.

My writing merges sexuality with spirituality and shows up in many forms from fiery advice, to poetry, to sex theory. I write infusing my heart and soul and intend for my words to enter into the heart and soul of my readers. I make people laugh. I make people think. And I inspire them to live their dreams.

How did you deal with push back from family or friends concerning your entrepreneurial pursuits? 

Colette Milazzo: Have you seen my work?

My family and even some of my closest friends don’t understand what I’m doing. They’ve told me they cannot see the good in it or how it could be of Divine service to humanity. Supposed friends “unfriended” me, while others quietly distanced themselves.

My use of language and explicit sexual expression is confusing for them and they cannot see my heart through my message. (Of course, many friends have told me how much they love what I do and how greatly it has impacted their lives.)

I know who I am. I know what I am doing. I’m doing it regardless of what anyone else thinks. And I’ll do it until I decide I want to do something else.

What advice would you give to someone asking for advice about becoming an entrepreneur?

Colette Milazzo: I would say – be sure you are doing what you WANT to do, not merely what you think will make you money. I would ask them what makes them come alive, what makes them feel free?

And I would ask them this: If your “work” here on Earth was done if you had already accomplished your purpose and had all provision, what would you do with the rest of your life?

I know what my answer is and I highly suspect that is my truest heart-centered calling.

What is the one mantra that you live your life by?

Colette Milazzo: Rather than a statement, my mantra is a question: Is this what you really want?

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