Julie May

“I get to live my best life” and “it gets to be easier and easier!”

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In my unique field as a Spiritual Coach, I believe that we are best differentiated by being our authentic selves. In this industry we have an amazing advantage of being our services, which means that as long as you are acting from a place of authenticity you are differentiating yourself. I still think doing market research and getting to know your audience is important, so you can definitely draw on inspiration from others in your industry, but make sure that you add your own unique touch to it. That personal touch is what your audience is looking for, anyway. – Julie May

Hello Julie May, we are excited to share your story with our readers. Please tell us a little about yourself and your work.

Julie May: Do you have a minute? Ha-ha! To make a long story short: I was born with all of my psychic senses blown wide open. I mean, I was seeing spirits, intuitively picking up on information and messages, “tasting” and “smelling” things that were not actually there, and emphatically tuning into people’s energies from a young age – just to name a few! The first time I astral projected I was maybe three or four years old, I clearly remember playing around in my childhood home, jumping across the ceilings. I would wake up in the morning confused that I had been “asleep” all along because it feels so real to astral project!

When I was around 18 I became more open about my spiritual path and people had so many questions! They wanted to know how I was so bold to share, how I was doing these things, and what unique information I could tell them about themselves. That’s how it really started for me: I just started giving people what they were asking for. Over time, I found that my two favorite areas to offer support in include helping people own their personal sense of power and tap into their intuitive gifts, and offering energy healing. So – that’s about all I do now, because it lights my soul up!


What was the biggest business mistake you made and what did you learn from it?

Julie May: The first biggest mistake I made early on in business was not trusting my own authentic energy. I genuinely believed that I had to look like the “greats” of the industry like Gabby Bernstein or Oprah Winfrey to be successful, and I fruitlessly strives to be them. That’s how I learned the lesson I shared above about authenticity, without it we truly have nothing significant to offer in this field. It is not only how we differentiate ourselves, but it is how we tap into the magnitude of the power that we truly have to offer our clients to begin with.

The second biggest mistake I made was taking on way too much at once. Because of my false belief of having to be “the best” from day one, I truly left no room for error. Some would say that this type of focus is indicative of having a strong work ethic, and to a degree I agree with that, but it can also be a major form of self-sabotage if you are not careful. Give yourself the space to learn! That way, as you grow, you have a rock solid foundation in place for you to grow from.

Julie May
Photo credit: Becky at Tangerine Photography in Calgary Alberta.

What is one mantra that you live your life by?

Julie May: That’s a tossup between “I get to live my best life” and “it gets to be easier and easier!” The latter mantra I borrowed from one of my favorite coaches, Amanda Frances. It has been a game changer!


How can you be reached if someone is interested in your products or services?

I love hanging out on Instagram and sharing free tips and advice over at www.instagram.com/theclassypsychic! If you want to browse my services or ask a more specific question, however, you can always find me at www.theclassypsychic.com or contact me at theclassypsychic@gmail.com  

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