Exclusive Interview with Brónagh On How To Create Epic Life.

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If you are new to entrepreneurship you should spend time reading business-related books and hang out with people who have achieved the thing that you count as success. Most of the entrepreneur fails their first business cause they have no one to advise them and their parent’s don’t have a business mindset.

Meet Brónagh Lyons, who understands the value of having a mentor/ coach which drives her to start Epic Hearts Club.
Epic Hearts Club is an online community where members learn the foundations of creating their Epic life.

In this exclusive interview, Brónagh shares her advice for the new entrepreneurs and the way she recharges when feeling drained.

Hello Bronagh,we are excited to share your story and business with our readers. Tell us what’s your business all about?

It was very important for us to create a platform that really served its members. A platform that gave incredible value while being affordable and available. Service is very important for us so our members were at the forefront of our minds when designing and creating our business.

Epic Hearts Club is a low-cost, high-value online coaching platform where members can access trainings and learn from five different coaches every month. It is a holistic approach to online coaching for the members and can support a lot of people as it is online and also it is so affordable.

We work with both men and women that identify as empaths, but the Club is not exclusively for empaths. If someone wants to get high-quality support they are welcome to join us. It is very important for us to support everyone who wants to grow and develop. There seems to be a phase at the moment where high value coaching is really expensive so we created a way to serve thousands of people in a simple, convenient, more affordable way than is currently available.

It can also be a struggle for people to know if a coach is good or not. Its an added stress and can be very confusing. So we have chosen each coach specifically for this reason. Each coach works in a different field, we have a money mindset coach, a health and fitness coach, a breathing and movement coach, an inner-trauma coach and then I am there coaching on mindset, boundary work etc. It was really important for us to create a way for people to improve these different areas in their life from the comfort of their home.

What do you do to recharge when you are feeling drained?    

This is actually something I work with my clients on every day. Empaths become drained easily as they are highly intuitive and sensitive, but this is something we are all susceptible to.

One of the first actions I do to prevent becoming drained is to meditate and journal first thing in the morning. This really centres your energy and grounds you. We often become drained because we wake up with a full tank of energy and as the day goes on it becomes more and more depleted. So, really drawing in your energy in the morning will help prevent you becoming drained.

The next thing I do is create a list of all the things that make me feel good. These differ from person to person, it could be exercising, cleaning, having a shower, painting, playing music, being with animals, having a call with a friend, drinking tea, breathing, certain songs… whatever that is for you. Have a list there and any time you’re starting to feel your energy slip think about what feel-good actions you can take straight away to replenish yourself. It’s a really easy, simple way to re-energise!

And lastly at night, I would make sure to journal about the day that was, the plans for tomorrow, and dump any swirling thoughts onto paper so you’re going to bed with a clear mind. This will help you sleep better and wake up fresher the next day.

Super simple but REALLY effective! Of course, supporting yourself through quality sleep, quality food, quality conversations, plenty of water, nature and exercise will all keep you high energy and high vibe too!

What advice would you give to someone asking for advice about becoming an entrepreneur? 

Oh I could spend the whole interview just on this question!! I will give three big pieces of advice:

My first piece of advice would be to read Rich Dad Poor Dad! And then when you finish that book read more of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and play his board game Cashflow 101. Robert gives incredible advice about financial education and his books are so easy to read and understand. There is so much you can learn from him and his books and his game. The key here is to get into the mindset of how you’re investing your time. Invest your time into learning and sharpening your axe. Other books of Robert’s I would recommend are Retire Young Retire Rich, Before You Quit Your Job, Cashflow Quadrant, Rich Dads Guide To Investing… I could go on. There is so much knowledge you can learn and so many actions you can take. There are also so many other incredible people to learn from, for example the book the EMyth Revisited is incredible for systemising businesses, Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind is all about mindset, Team Code of Honor is also about creating culture. The information available to you right now is immense and affordable. Just commit your time and energy to learning from those that have already done it!

My second piece of advice would be to find an environment with really great training systems and is related to the area you want to work in. For example, if you want to open a salon, go to work in a salon that has a great training system. If you want to open a restaurant, go work in a restaurant with a great training system. If you want to open a business online, go work for an online business with a great training system. Make money and learn at the same time!

And finally, my third piece of advice is to APPLY, APPLY, APPLY. Too often we wait until we’ve learned everything before we take action. This comes from a place of fear and scarcity. We will never know everything. It’s not possible not to make mistakes. We are programmed as children not to make a mistake because if we do we will be ridiculed by parents, teachers, peers. The truth is we learn from making mistakes. Think of a child learning to stand. How many times do they fall over? The sooner you start taking action and making mistakes the better. As you are reading the books, listening to the audios, attending the events, having the conversations – take action! Every time you make a mistake you learn. As Robert Kiyosaki says, fail faster and fail forward. If you truly want to get ahead, the only way is through. Vast majority of people have a fear of failing, so get the competitive edge by learning to fail fast and fail forward and success is only a matter of time!

How can you be reached if someone is interested in your products or services? 

I love connecting with new people! If you are interested in getting in touch, we have a free Facebook group where we post trainings every week and host guest speakers. I will also link some free audios that you can access to learn more about connecting in yourself and harnessing your energy and inner intuition. I also have a free worksheet for the energy gauge I mentioned earlier to replenish your energy when you feel drained which I will link below.


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