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Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery by Kevin Zhang

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There are millions of people all around the world buying different products online every single day. If you need quick money you can start selling things that you have but not in use. Different websites can connect you to buyers and make a sale.

If you have ever thought of selling something online, you must have heard something called “Dropshipping”. And probably you have been bombarded with Facebook ads that refer you to buy a course which claims to teach you how you can make thousands of dollars selling online.

Some courses are just a waste of money. They explain things that you already know and may not work much. Recently I read an article on Bloomberg about an entrepreneur who made a fortune at a young age. I found it interesting and searched for more content. The Internet is full of his course reviews on authority sites. Many people from all over the world have benefited from his experience and teaching.


Here’re some of the best tips from Kevin Zhang’s course ( Ecommerce Millionaire Mastery) for people who are thinking of making money from dropshipping.

Have multiple products on your site.

Do not sell a single product from your website. The products you are planning to sell are already being sold by different companies. You will have to compete with everyone while making a sale. Create multiple choices for the customers so they will hang around on your site for some time and order a couple of products. You can make money selling a single product but it will not be sustainable. When you browse on an eCommerce site, you will never buy from a company that is selling only one product. The page itself doesn’t look legit and you will lose customers. An average millionaire has more than 6 income sources. If you wanna have more money then sell multiple products on your site.

Automate your site

One of the main reasons people choose eCommerce is to become financially free. This means you don’t have to work 9 to 5 every day to make a living. And one of the easy ways to get freedom is from the automation of your company. In today’s world, you don’t have to rent an expensive office and provide a workspace for the staff. This will save your cost of running an eCommerce store and invest more in advertising. To have an eCommerce store you don’t need to own a product by yourself. This makes things easier. When a customer buys a product from your site you just have to connect with the wholesaler. And they will do the rest of the work.

Provide a good service and build relation

Business is all about building relationships. When customers buy from you, give them a feeling of satisfaction. Have a brand logo in the delivery box and make your product look legit. This creates trust with the customers and they will return for more.

Have a good partnership relation with the wholesaler so they will make you the priority. They deal with many vendors every day, so having a good relationship with them can make your business run smoothly for a long time. 

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