Dr. Minesha White, Creator of the Work-Life Harmony Methods

Dr. Minesha White, Creator of the Work-Life Harmony Methods

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What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship? 

My parents gave me the gift of entrepreneurship. Since I was a little girl, I watched them start a business in their home and evolve to purchasing their own commercial properties and then flipping that revenue into investment homes…I didn’t understand it all then; but I learned at a young age the difference between making and creating money. So at 14 I became interested in passionate ideas that created money and I continued with this mindset all throughout college. 

My first opportunity to work in corporate didn’t become an option for me until I was well in my thirties. So although the experience was exceptional for my ultimate destiny, when it was time to move on and exit my 9 to 5, I didn’t have any doubts that I could make it on my own because my experiences up until that point taught me to KNOW God as my true source. 

How do you personally define success? What does it mean to you? 

I personally define success in 1 word- Impact! Income follows impact, seek to serve with excellence and make impact and you’ll never have to worry about success- it’s literally inevitable! 

What advice would you give to someone asking for advice about becoming an entrepreneur? 

I would say for them to ask themselves 3 questions first;

1) WHY do you want to become an entrepreneur? Make sure that your reasons go far beyond money.

2) WHO would you impact? Entrepreneurship is about service, once you identify who you want to serve ask yourself are you committed to serving that audience (and freeing them from their pain/problem) with everything in you?

And lastly,

3) WHAT are you willing to loose to become successful and what are your non negotiable? Knowing upfront the cost you are willing and not willing to pay will offer you great insight to whether or not you are ready  to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. 

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