Agnese Rudzate, productivity specialist for women in coaching.

Agnese Rudzate, productivity specialist for women in coaching.

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1. Tell me a little bit about your background and how you ended up choosing your field.

It’s the women’s empowerment that drives my passion for productive and focused work. This way we are able to create a much better balance in our lives thus serving more people. Since I remember myself I have been quite organized and enjoyed minimalism in my space. Now I have come to gain deeper knowledge into productive work and can say with certainty that Less is More. In our physical and digital space as well as in our mind. During my university years, I started to work as a Quality Manager. That only highlighted my passion for organized space. Whether that would be office desk or business processes and systems. Effectiveness is what I thrive for in business because it brings much wanted time freedom and space for creativity. As female entrepreneurs, it’s especially important to learn how to prioritize ourselves. Because it’s easy to fall into the “busy-ness” trap by scheduling other people priorities into our already limited time. This is why I decided to follow the coaching route. I wanted to learn more about empowering women so they could have a clear vision and follow with confidence. During this time I found many tools that support women on their journey to well deserved time freedom while running a thriving business. There shouldn’t be a compromise – we can have both!

2. What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship?

Being in charge of my schedule is great freedom that a non-entrepreneurial job couldn’t give me. Time freedom and being able to follow one’s personal flow is how we all can create a more balanced life.  My health has suffered from stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. It came from trying to fit in and exceed the expectations.  In entrepreneurship, I’m in charge of everything. With great freedom of course comes great responsibility. Because there is no one else in charge of anything that is happening but me. This is why time management is so vital for running smooth operations. 

3 What was the biggest business mistake you made and what did you do to learn from it?

Keeping a to-do list for way too long was holding me back in my productivity. I didn’t realize that something that was supposed to help me actually did more harm. Just because we are thought to create it, doesn’t mean it has our best interest at heart. After doing research and talking to women in business I realized that it’s especially harmful to entrepreneurs. The To-do list is very flexible and that’s the danger. It makes OK to procrastinate on certain tasks that we don’t feel like doing. Too much freedom is not good for productivity. That’s why tailored structure is what I like creating. The solution is pretty simple – schedule your task in a planner. It gives a great way to prioritize effectively and be more efficient with our time. Let’s stop filling our days with “busy” work to feel as though we’ve been productive.

4. What are 3 tips you can share with our readers as it relates to your industry?

1. Learn as much about yourself as you can. It highly increases your abilities as an entrepreneur, manager, and leader that you are. It doesn’t only help to maintain clarity and stay on course.  It’s highly beneficial to productivity and time management in work and private life.

2. Ask questions – to yourself and to others. Without question, we fail to get much-needed answers. This is why outside perspective is so vital at points when we feel stuck. It brings enlightenment and helps us stay focused. Questioning ourselves in a way that brings more clarity rather than doubt. Coaching ourselves is a beautiful way to more alignment and ease.

3. Less is More. I think that readers will agree with me that way too often we try to overcomplicate. Especially in business processes – when we’re not sure about our next steps. Less resistance comes from simplicity in business systems, processes, and structures. It provides peace of mind, ease, and flow. That creates well-deserved time freedom while continuing a thriving business. 

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