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Thrive Global : How did you get started and what or who inspired and empowered you to?

I started Jersey Champs in my college dorm room. As far as inspiration goes, I had it from the start. I have been selling my whole life. In elementary school I was selling candy. I was a merchant in nearly every video game I played (Maplestory, RuneScape). Buying items for cheap and selling them at a higher price, my brain was simply addicted to it. I was actually suspended in 5th grade because I was selling so much candy that eventually the teacher found it and it was apparently against the rules. Ever since then I had never been a fan of the public schooling system as it does not promote entrepreneurship. It’s not my fault I was out selling their vending machines.

Future Sharks : What were your biggest failure and biggest success? What did you learn from them?

Sean Kelly: Our biggest failure was in our first year of business. We did not anticipate such a rapid growth in sales during December due to the holidays so we ended up becoming heavily backordered and had to refund over $50,000 in orders. Ever since then, we have learned to always be ready for the Q4 spike in sales.

Our biggest success was creating our Donald Trump Jersey. The night he got elected we sold thousands, and it has sold steadily since and remains one of our top sellers to this day.

Huffington Post : A 20-Year Old College Dropout Revolutionizes the Jersey Industry

Jersey Champs started with only $1,000 preorder money to fund the orders and a hundred jerseys were sold out within one week! Jersey champs blew up when the ‘Harambe meme jersey’ got featured on barstool sports. The jerseys feature unique designs combing the fields of Hip-Hop music with the jersey world which brings out never before seen designs onto jerseys.
Before Jersey Champs, the only jerseys you could purchase were the traditional sports teams jerseys that cost a fortune some being over $100! These jerseys were not only highly priced but had the same design too! This is what inspired Sean Kelly to create Jersey Champs wherein you could express your love for something through the jersey you owned.

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