Vashmere Valentine, influencing entrepreneur

Vashmere Valentine Philadelphia’s Multi-Award-Winning Director, Screenwriter, & Fine Art Photographer

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We are very excited to share this interview with our audience. We recently got an opportunity to chat with Vashmere Valentine. One of the busiest director and screenwriter with 72K plus instagram followers. Thank you Vashmere for giving your time and inspiring our readers.

1.Hello Vashmere Valentine! Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up choosing your career on films.

I guess my career into film started back when I read screenplays for a small agency in Los Angeles. The success from the screenplays I worked on helped launched my career as a creative consultant which then lead to my screenwriting and directing career.

Vashmere Valentine, influencing entrepreneur

2. How do you personally define success?

Success to me is having the ability to work with others and bring out the best in them.

3. How do you differentiate yourself from others in your field?

I think what makes me unique as a director is my attention to detail and the freedom I give to my actors.

4.Who is your hero and why?

Actually my true hero is my film mentor and college professor Jason Rodgers. Jason helped shape me into the writer and director I am today.

5.What do you do to recharge when you are feeling drained?

Spending time with family always seems to help me distant myself from film so I can recharge.

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